10 Superheroes From Spider-Man to Captain America who made Marvel Comics a hit

The MCU’s Spider-Man: No Way Home returned to theaters and showed the Wall-Crawler doing what he does best. While Spider-Man has always been a hapless hero fighting insurmountable odds, this movie showed him saving people’s lives. He wanted, more than anything, to save his enemies’ lives, and that is the type of hero we need.

Not only does Spider-Man save people, but in Marvel Comics, he has also saved other heroes’ lives. This is not just lesser heroes that Spider-Man has an advantage over, but some of Marvel’s heavy-hitters, men and women that needed Spider-Man to save them when the chips were down. In each case, he came through in the end.

Miles Morales

After Spider-Man died in the Ultimate Marvel world, a new hero rose to take his place in Miles Morales. He was younger and inexperienced, but he soon made his way in the world and crossed over to the 616 as one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes.

However, he eventually had to fight the villain Peter died beating in the Ultimate Green Goblin. It was then that Peter revealed he was still alive when he swooped in and saved Miles from this dangerous villain. It showed Spider-Man’s commitment to come out of hiding to save a fellow hero.

Captain America

Captain America has been one of the greatest heroes in Marvel Comics since the company started. When people need help, they usually turn to Captain America, and in Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter Parker did just that. While Spider-Man had to convince Captain America he was worth training, he proved himself in the end — literally.

During a literal civil war between heroes, The Ultimates battled Nick Fury’s Avengers, and Punisher fired a shot at Cap. Spider-Man knocked him out of the way, taking the bullet himself. Spider-Man then battled Ultimate Green Goblin and stopped the villain before succumbing to the gunshot wound and dying.

Franklin Richards

A new chapter of the Marvel Zombies story arrived in 2019 with the subtitle Resurrection. Fans of Marvel Zombies know the story crossed over into multiple different Earths, and this was a brand-new Earth for the heroes fighting their zombie brethren. In this Marvel Zombies world, Spider-Man didn’t change and had one important goal.

Spider-Man saved Franklin Richards and his sister Valeria, and he had one goal in life. Keep them safe and alive, even when their parents returned as zombies with a Galactus hive mind. Spider-Man went above and beyond here and proved how much pain he would take on himself to save others.

Luke Cage

Spider-Man is a street-level hero, so it made sense that he would end up as part of an Avengers team made up of NYC’s finest heroes. After the Scarlet Witch destroyed the Avengers and the team broke up, Captain America felt it necessary to still have a team on the ground and this ended up as the New Avengers.

The entire story started when Luke Cage served as a bodyguard for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson on a trip to The Raft. A prison break occurred and Spider-Man showed up to help save Cage. It was a classic Spider-Man moment, when he took responsibility for the prison break since someone he arrested led it in Electro, only for Cage to shut that down real quick.


Wolverine and Spider-Man have a long and complicated relationship, longer than anyone could have expected. A 2012 story showed the two time-traveling together and building a long life in a different version of Earth.

This was Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, one of the best Wolverine comics from the 2010s. It went from the era of dinosaurs to an apocalyptic future thanks to their own deeds in the past. In this timeline, Wolverine sacrificed himself in what he thought would save the world, but Spider-Man knew better and traveled through time to save him, and eventually get them both back home.

Black Cat

Spider-Man is dating Black Cat again in Marvel Comics. This relationship goes back many years, and she owes Spider-Man her life, as he saved her in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #76. They battled Doctor Octopus, and his minions gunned her down.

However, this sent Spider-Man into a rage as he ruthlessly beat up the bad guys and ripped off Octopus’ arms before rushing her to the hospital just in time for doctors to save her. This was a case of Spider-Man’s love and passion for Black Cat, pushing him to do anything he could to save her.

Human Torch

Spider-Man’s oldest superhero friend in Marvel Comics is the Human Torch. The first thing Spider-Man tried to do after getting his powers was to ask to join The Fantastic Four since he thought they paid. However, this allowed him to meet another young hero in Johnny Storm, and they bonded.

The two teamed up many times after this and became very close, even becoming roommates once. In Fantastic Four #207, The Monocle brainwashed Johnny and used him for evil purposes. Luckily, Spider-Man showed up and helped free the Human Torch from Monocle’s control, and they beat the villain together.


The old-school Spider-Man animated cartoons saw him in a close friendship with Ice-Man in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. However, other than a few comics based on the cartoon, this was not a relationship that played out in the main Spider-Man comics.

This doesn’t mean the two heroes haven’t teamed up before, and sometimes fought each other. In Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #17, Spider-Man crossed over with The Champions after the team broke up. This was another case of a villain controlling a hero, this time with one turning Iceman into a villain known as Rampage. It took Spider-Man to stop him and break the control, saving the mutant’s life.


Spider-Man and Daredevil have always shared a complicated relationship. The two heroes are both men who take responsibility for everything around them that happens. They are also heroes that the public doesn’t trust, despite their constant good intentions, which has caused them to battle each other more times than not.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith signed on with Marvel Comics to write Daredevil Vol. 2 #1-8. The story sees a woman leave her baby with Matt Murdock, leading him into a situation that pushed him over the limit and led to the death of the woman he loved. By the end of the story, Daredevil contemplated taking his own life, but he ended up talking to Spider-Man, who helped him come to terms with his losses and helped convince him to move on.

Madame Web

Madame Web showed up for the first time in 1980 when she appeared as a clairvoyant that helped Spider-Man. Over time, the woman proved to be linked to Spider-Man through which he gained his powers. She has since died but almost died much sooner until Spider-Man saved her.

Spider-Man had to battle one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Universe when Black Tom Cassidy sent Juggernaut to kidnap Madame Web. However, she was on life support. When Juggernaut took her off the machines, Madame Web would have died if Spider-Man hadn’t shown up to stop him and save her life, making her indebted to the Wall-Crawler.


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