10 Underrated Batman Allies Ranked

Top 10 Underrated Heroes in Batman’s Bat-Family

Over the course of his crime-fighting career, Batman has assembled a remarkable team of allies known as the Bat-Family. While some members like Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin have gained significant recognition, there are several unsung heroes who have played essential roles in the Dark Knight’s crusade against crime. In this article, we will shed light on the top 10 most underrated heroes in Batman’s Bat-Family, who have been pivotal to his cause.

10. Kathy Kane (aka Batwoman)

Kathy Kane, the first Batwoman in comics, made her debut in 1956. Inspired by Batman’s efforts to clean up Gotham City, Kathy, a wealthy heiress and circus owner, used her acrobatic skills and gadgets to join him in the fight against crime. Though her character was temporarily written out due to Crisis on Infinite Earths, she resurfaced in Batman Incorporated, working undercover for the spy organization Spyral.

9. Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Kane (aka Flamebird)

Bette Kane, the niece of Kathy Kane, initially appeared as the first Batgirl in the Silver Age of comics. Despite her early disappearance, she reemerged as Flamebird, inspired by Dick Grayson’s Robin. Bette has maintained her ties with Dick Grayson and was last seen in 2023’s DC’s Legion of Bloom’s ‘The Birds and the Bees.’

8. David Zavimbe (aka Batwing)

David Zavimbe, introduced in Batwing #1, had a difficult upbringing as a former child soldier who later became a police officer. Recruited by Bruce Wayne to be the Batman of Africa, David fought crime as Batwing until he succumbed to the pressure and turned in his suit. The mantle of Batwing was later taken up by Luke Fox.

7. Julia Pennyworth (aka Penny-Two)

Julia Pennyworth, the daughter of Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred, followed in her father’s footsteps to become a spy. She worked closely with Batman during the New 52 era and had ties with Batwoman. After Alfred’s death, Julia distanced herself from the Bat-Family but was last seen investigating Bane’s homeland in 2020’s Joker comic.

6. Gavin King (aka Orpheus)

Gavin King’s life was changed forever when he turned to martial arts after being brutally bullied for his passion for dance. As Orpheus, he returned to Gotham to protect the innocent from violent crime, collaborating with Batman during the War Games event. Tragically, he was killed and impersonated by Black Mask.

5. Onyx Adams

A former League of Assassins member, Onyx Adams abandoned her murderous past to become a vigilante. She worked with Green Arrow and Wonder Woman, and Batman called upon her to act as a bodyguard during the War Games plan. Despite her involvement in major Bat-Family events, she vanished during the New 52 and Rebirth.

4. Harold Allnut (aka Mr. Fixxit)

Harold Allnut, a highly skilled mechanic, was responsible for maintaining the Batmobile and other gadgets in the Batcave. Originally a henchman for Penguin, he later worked for Batman until his unfortunate death at the hands of Hush. However, after the Flashpoint reboot, he was seen in All-Star Batman #3, hinting at his continued existence.

3. Jason Bard

Jason Bard, a former Gotham detective turned private investigator, gained Batman’s respect for his detective skills. Batman hired him to investigate crimes during the day, a role that was short-lived but intriguing. Bard’s character has undergone various iterations, including a romantic interest for Batgirl.

2. Bat-Mite

Bat-Mite, an imp from the fifth dimension, possesses reality-warping powers. As a devoted Batman fan, he desires to assist the Caped Crusader despite not adhering to mundane reality’s rules. Although a powerful ally, Bat-Mite’s playful and inattentive nature has kept him away from the comics for some time.

1. Leslie Thompkins

Leslie Thompkins, a significant supporting character for Batman, provided crucial medical care to him and his allies. Acting as a surrogate mother figure, Leslie’s role was instrumental in Batman’s life. However, she has disappeared from the mainstream reality of DC’s comics, leaving fans longing for her return.

Bringing the Underrated Heroes Back

These underrated heroes have brought unique talents and skills to the Bat-Family, and their absence leaves some plot holes unanswered. With Gotham City continuing to be a focal point in DC’s comics, it is high time to reintroduce these essential characters and give them the recognition they deserve. Whether as allies or mentors, their impact on Batman’s world cannot be overlooked.

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