Adam Lambert reveals crazy fan moments

Singer Adam Lambert knows how to win over fans though the season 8 “American Idol” winner has revealed that while his fans are incredibly dedicated and supportive, sometimes they can go to extra lengths to try and meet him.

Adam Lambert recalls an experience where a fan snuck into his car
Adam Lambert recalls an experience where a fan snuck into his car

Asked about his craziest fan encounter by New Zealand TV Show hosts Jono and Ben, the heartthrob opened up about one particular experience where a fan snuck into his car and when they came face to face, she chose to pretend she wasn’t there:

“There was a time where I was leaving a gig and I was getting into a car, which was parked in the back, and the two doors were open… I got into the back passenger seat and on the other side of the passenger seat was a fan in the car! She had slipped in, like, stealth – under the radar! We hadn’t left yet and I look over, like, ‘hi… who are you?’, you know?”

The ‘Ghost Town’ sensation went onto add that it was an awkward encounter overall: “She was staring straight at the seat in front of her and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. I think she figured, like, ‘if I don’t make eye contact with him, he won’t see me’!”

Adam Lambert enjoys a high profile Down Under, where “Ghost Town” is currently in the top 20 of the national singles chart. It’s the first single lifted from Lambert’s latest album The Original High.

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