Fantastic Four’s Michael B Jordan Confesses To Being A Movie Geek

Fantastic Four actor Michael B Jordan has revealed he is the biggest geek in the film’s cast.

The Fruitvale Station star, who plays scientist’s son Johnny Storm, joins Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, Whiplash’s Miles Teller as inventor Reed Richards, and House Of Cards actress Kate Mara as Johnny’s adopted sister Sue in Josh Trank’s new Marvel movie.

Fantastic Four's Michael B Jordan
Fantastic Four’s Michael B Jordan

Michael said: “I’m still a comic book nerd, hands down for sure. I used to read a lot of comic books, cartoons, video games online.”

The 28-year-old actor, who will also play young boxer Adonis Creed alongside Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky spin-off film Creed, admitted to a passion for Japanese comics and anime particularly.

“Dragon Ball Z changed my childhood by far,” he said, adding: “I still read anime online – every Tuesday and Thursday, Japanese time, I go online and read all the new issues and comic books.”

Jamie, best known for starring in ballet drama Billy Elliot, revealed he was unfazed by the stilt work he had to do to portray the 6ft 8in, 1,000lbs creature The Thing that Ben transforms into, whose entire body is covered in rock.

He had to use special stunt stilts to add an extra foot of height.

“I didn’t know they were going to ask me to do that. But it was fun, it really was. I think it hopefully helped these guys [his co-stars] imagine somewhat what it would be like to be with Ben,” he explained.

Jamie’s dance background also helped him convey Ben’s new-found height and bulk, but he confessed the stilt work wasn’t rocket science.



“I would like to say it took hours and hours and hours of work, and it was really complicated and really added to my craft and made me a better actor,” he said.

“But the truth is, any layman could really get on them and waltz within an hour.”

Miles said being a part of the Marvel universe has given him a new appreciation of the other superhero movies.

“I think, ‘They did a good job with that. That’s nice, that was good, that works and that was well realised.’ We’re probably looking at these films with a closer lens,” he explained.

Fantastic Four is in cinemas now.

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