Bill Nighy Has No Plans To Retire

Bill Nighy is a popular Hollywood Actor, who is famous for his roles in movies like Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel etc. Bill’s previous film to hit the theatres was Pokemon: Detective Pikachu in the year 2019.

The 72-year-old “Love Actually,” “Harry Potter,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” alum revealed to The Independent that he won’t even entertain the idea of retirement.

Bill Nighy has been in Hollywood since 1976 and has no plans to slow down anytime soon — even if that means lying down for roles.

“I’ve never heard any good news about retirement and I have no plans to retire,” Nighy said. “I’m in a job which you can do fortunately as long as you can remain upright. And well, actually you don’t have to remain upright. As long as you can deliver a line sitting down, you could probably get some kind of employment.”

The BAFTA winner starred in 2022’s “The Man Who Fell to Earth” sci-fi series and currently has six more projects in the works, including “Role Play” opposite Kaley Cuoco and the “Heidi: Queen of the Mountain” children’s book adaptation. Nighy is also lending his voice to the upcoming animated film “Dragonkeeper” and the “Bloody Fury” short. This year, he’s a Best Actor contender for “Living.”

While starring in “Living” as a man dying of cancer, Nighy noted that he tries not to embody his characters, perhaps hence his career longevity.

“As long as you can deliver a line sitting down, you could probably get some kind of employment,” the “Love Actually” icon said.

“You don’t have to feel it all,” Nighy said. “Acting is work – and that doesn’t diminish it in any way.”

The “About Time” star continued on Method acting, “If you’re in the company of anybody who suggests that an actor has to feel everything that they portray, then you’re talking to somebody who’s basically an amateur. Often it’s a way to punish actors. I think drama teachers do it sometimes to control students. To just stand there and say, ‘You’re not feeling it.’ How do you know I’m not feeling it? What am I supposed to be feeling? You don’t have to have been bereaved in order to act somebody who’s bereaved – otherwise, well, how would we proceed? Y’know, acting is acting.”

Nighy noted that he has nothing against the Method acting practice itself, saying, “It’s fine, as long as there’s no pressure put on anyone else to do it the same way. And that it’s not weaponized as a status thing, obviously. And that it’s done on your time. In other words, not on a film set or in a rehearsal room for a theatre play.”

Bill Nighy says in one hour, he had been offered a seat on the tube on 10 separate occasions. “Not that I’m counting. But obviously I am.” He snorts. “The worst thing is everyone in the carriage turns to look and see what you say.”

“I was carrying my gym bag and I felt like saying: ‘You know, I’ve just been doing quite vigorous things. And I can actually remain upright for quite long periods of time.’”

Shooting The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in India in 2015, he took his own Yorkshire tea bags and decanted Marmite into 30 tiny tubs to evade airport security. Behaviour that might seem mad from anyone else, but is transformed by Nighy into the height of aestheticism.

Shooting their new film in Mayfair last year, says co-star Aimee Lou Wood, he “somehow managed to source a table, chairs and beautiful Italian dinner for us seemingly out of nowhere. There was even a bit of table decoration. We sat eating arrabbiata in the middle of a busy London street while people walked past and waved.”

At the London premiere of Living, he was asked by red carpet journalists what his favourite scene was. “And I couldn’t remember any of them. Normally, just to be sociable, I’d choose one. But I just didn’t have that kind of energy.

“There are certain PR questions to which there are only PR answers. It’s not lying, but it’s a very edited truth. And if you are in any way a moral creature, that’s probably why it’s sort of enervating. It’s a very particular kind of tiredness not because you’ve been doing anything dishonest, but it’s just not quite normal contact with other human beings.”

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