‘Black Adam’: Dwayne Johnson on Potential Marvel Crossover

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has stated that the studio is seeking out DC’s answer to Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, whose leadership shaped the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could that person at the helm of DC Films be “Black Adam” star Dwayne Johnson?

Johnson was asked if he might be up to the mask on the carpet at the massive Times Square premiere of “Black Adam,” the star took a long swig of water before sayinbg that he’s ready to search for the leader for the job.

“The best position that I could be for DC is one as an advisor, where I can help. I love DC. It’s in my blood,” Johnson. “In the spirit of growing up with the DC Universe. I’m here to help in any way I can, including looking for and finding that right leader or leaders.”

In his answer, Johnson also touched on his long personal history with DC Comics, which stretches back to his childhood.

“As a little boy, I grew up loving the Super Friends, specifically Superman,” Johnson shared. “I saw my first Black Adam comic and it was arresting to me. His face was intense. He looked cool, looked different, badass and had brown skin. So automatically I was relating to him. I am DC through and through.”

While “Black Adam” places Johnson’s antihero in a packed ensemble that includes characters like Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate and Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, the star’s vision for which superheroes could appear alongside his character extends far beyond his upcoming film, and even the larger DC universe. When asked about the potential for a DC-Marvel crossover event, Johnson stated that it would only be a matter of meeting fan demand.

“Well, I’m always optimistic. I’d like to think that we would see that. My philosophy is anything can get done. Let’s start with the end goal. And if the end goal is to have some sort of crossover that can be compelling, smart, cool for the fans,” Johnson said. “Let’s get a temperature gauge if they’d like to see something like that. And then if they do, then let’s create it. I operate my businesses like that. I truly believe that anything can happen. Anything can happen with the right people and place, and the right leadership, having the right conversations.”

“Black Adam” his theaters on Oct. 21.

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