Bradley Cooper loved his ‘American Hustle’ hairdo – Interview

The Hangover star Bradley Cooper has revealed the great affection he felt for the tight ringlets he sports in his new movie.

The Hollywood heartthrob stars opposite Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner as wild FBI agent Richie DiMaso in director David O. Russell’s new film American Hustle.

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper loved his ‘American Hustle’ hairdo – Interview

The movie is set in the world of con artists and gangsters in the 1970s and speaking on the red carpet at the world premiere in New York, Bradley said he adored the period detail in his unusual look.

“I miss it, I loved it, I would try to not take a shower for as long as I could so I could keep it,” he revealed.

The Limitless star added that it was his idea for his character to showcase such a distinctive hairstyle: “I was watching some footage from that period and a couple of guys had curly hair so I said to David what if he curls his hair?”

Bradley was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in David O. Russell’s previous movie Silver Linings Playbook, and said it was important he looked completely different for their second collaboration.

“We made a lot of choices; you always want to try to figure out personal ways to make it real to you. We wanted me to be unrecognisable, he chews his tongue and when you chew your tongue it changes everything. Then there was the walk and why does he curl his hair? It takes three hours every day and I actually did it and that puts you in the mindset. All those crustacean- like elements help fuel the internal life.”

American Hustle is released at the Vue West End on December 20 and will be on general release on January 1 2014.

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