BTS Proof Album Review – BTS’s New Music Is Best Yet

BTS—the biggest band in the world are back

Just days shy of the nine year anniversary of their debut, the South Korean septet have released their newest album, Proof, which features dozens of tracks, many of which fans have heard before. But it doesn’t end there, the mega boyband consisting of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook also dropped a music video for their brand new song “Yet To Come.”

Back in April, on the last night of their sold out Las Vegas residency, the group announced the new project. Later, it was revealed that Proof wouldn’t be just any old album, but rather, an anthology album chronicling the history of BTS through music from across their career. Spanning three CDs, the album features some of the group’s (most) beloved songs, a few previously unreleased cuts, the demos of some of their biggest tracks (only on the physical album and currently not available for streaming), and three brand new songs.

But this is more than just a roundup on the best of BTS. Instead it is a carefully curated story of the group’s past and memories, much of which they reflect on in their new songs. The album begins with “Born Singer,” a remix of J Cole’s 2013 song “Born Sinner,” where the members recall their come-up. The song was first released on SoundCloud just a month after their debut and in it their hunger to succeed is evident. “Though it’s a few seconds, I put everything in, I’m fuckin real/Hey, what is your dream? Mine is a rapstar, can’t you feel,” RM flows, originally in Korean.

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Another one of their new tracks is “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).” The emotional song looks back at the memories the members have had as a band—”the Crowns and flowers, countless trophies” that they have amassed over their decade long run—before turning to the bright future that lay ahead. “Was it honestly the best?/’Cause I just wanna see the next,” they sing,”Uh, we gonna touch the sky, ‘fore the day we die/Moment is yet to come, yeah/Uh, this is only the beginning, the best yet to come.”

Album ender “For Youth” is a four and half minute love letter to those who helped bring the BTS members to where they are—the BTS ARMY. The song starts off with fans singing along to the group’s song “Young Forever,” likely referencing the 2019 moment in which fans brought the boys to tears by surprising them with a crowd rendition of the song during their performance at Wembley. “You always hеre with us together/And every second was forever, oh,” they sing. The final bars are even more telling: “When everything was easy at that time (At that time)/I should’ve told you more (Told you)/I’ll be with you/For the rest of my life.”

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