Caroline Flack once found a venomous snake in her hotel room

The Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack has revealed that she had an unwelcome guest in her hotel room while on holiday in Thailand with a friend when she discovered a dangerous venomous snake in her room.

She said “Our stay was particularly memorable as we shared our room with a white-lipped pit viper.

“It was a bright fluorescent green and we learned later that this particular snake is one of the main reasons why people end up in hospital in Thailand.

“And there we were with one in our room. Two girls and a snake: you can imagine!”

She continued: “I was dancing on my sunbed (as you do) when I suddenly saw my friend SJ’s face go white.

“‘Stay where you are!’ she said. And then I saw this really long snake, moving beneath me and sliding into our room.

“Reception sent a man with a big stick! But he didn’t get it – it had gone through the floorboards. So, can you imagine that we tucked ourselves into bed that night tightly, with all the mosquito nets around us.

“It makes for a great anecdote now, but at the time, I remember feeling absolutely petrified.”

Caroline added: “An encounter with a snake shouldn’t be that surprising, however, if you take a holiday in a tropical place such as Thailand. It’s stupid to think you’re not going to get stuff like that, so you’ve got to get accustomed to it.”

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