Caroline Flack reveals Simon Cowell gives her and Olly feedback after each show

Caroline Flack has admitted ‘X Factor’ boss Simon Cowell gives her feedback every weekend on how well she’s presented the show.

The 36-year-old host – who co-presents the talent programme alongside Olly Murs – has admitted the big boss, 56, gives her little tips and pointers on how she can improve.

Caroline Flack

”He’s great. I’ve worked with him before but I’ve never worked directly with him before and he’s really constructive and instead of just ‘Yep well done.’

”He literally tells you, ‘This was good, this was good, maybe you could work on this.’ And I love that.

”He’s great and he’s funny and he takes the mick out of me the whole time. I love him. He’s really really cool.”

Despite getting feedback from Simon week-in week-out, the blonde beauty has found this series, the first time she has presented the primetime programme, to be quite ”full on.”

She explained ”There’s no time for a break. It’s like once you’re in, you’re in it, and we’re in it until the final and there’s no down time but I love that though.

”I love being immersed in something like all consuming.”

However, Caroline – who previously fronted the ‘Xtra Factor’ – still can’t get her head around the live shows.

She added: ”It’s like the best and worst feeling all combined into one. It’s the most nervous you’ve ever been and it’s also the most excited you’ve ever been and you put them two feelings together and it’s like terrifying!”

The X Factor 2015 final five will be performing two songs each from this weekend.

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