5 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for a Mortgage as a First-Time Home Buyer

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If you’re a first-time home buyer, the prospect of applying for a mortgage can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s a big financial commitment, and there are several factors to consider before taking the leap into homeownership. In this article, we’ll cover five essential things you need to know before applying for a mortgage as a first-time buyer.

1. What Qualifies You as a First-Time Buyer?

As a first-time buyer, you may wonder what qualifies you for this status. In general, a first-time buyer is someone who has never owned a property before, whether it’s a residential home or an investment property. If you’re purchasing a home jointly with someone else, both of you must meet the first-time buyer criteria to be eligible for certain benefits or programs aimed at assisting first-time buyers.

2. How Old Are First-Time Buyers in the UK?

The age of first-time buyers in the UK can vary, but many fall within the younger age brackets. According to recent studies, the average age of a first-time buyer in the UK is around 30 years old. However, it’s important to note that age is not a determining factor in qualifying as a first-time buyer. As long as you meet the criteria mentioned earlier, you can be of any age and still be considered a first-time buyer.

3. Understanding First-Time Buyer Mortgage Calculators

When it comes to buying a home, one of the essential tools at your disposal is a first-time buyer mortgage calculator. This online tool helps you estimate how much you can borrow, your monthly mortgage payments, and the potential impact of different interest rates and down payment amounts. By using a mortgage calculator, you can gain a better understanding of your financial capabilities and make informed decisions when applying for a mortgage.

4. Building a Strong Credit History

Before applying for a mortgage, it’s crucial to ensure that you have a strong credit history. Lenders will assess your creditworthiness and determine whether you qualify for a mortgage and what interest rate you’ll be offered. To improve your credit history, pay your bills on time, keep your credit card balances low, and avoid applying for new credit shortly before your mortgage application. Remember, a good credit score can lead to more favorable loan terms.

5. Saving for a Down Payment and Additional Costs

One of the most significant financial requirements when buying a home is the down payment. As a first-time buyer, it’s essential to start saving early to secure a down payment that suits your financial situation. In the UK, the minimum down payment is typically around 5% to 10% of the property’s purchase price. However, a larger down payment can help you access better mortgage rates. Additionally, don’t forget to factor in other costs such as legal fees, survey fees, and moving expenses when budgeting for your new home.


As a first-time home buyer, applying for a mortgage can be a complex process. By understanding what qualifies you as a first-time buyer, knowing the average age of first-time buyers in the UK, utilizing mortgage calculators, building a strong credit history, and saving for a down payment and additional costs, you can navigate the mortgage application process more effectively. Remember, it’s essential to seek advice from mortgage professionals and conduct thorough research to make informed decisions.

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