Celebrity appearance fees revealed, Just how much can stars make

So here at MarkMeets we’ve worked with a tonne of celebs over the years and all the below data is as accurate as we could find. It’s amazing just how much some celebs make!

Still a number of celebs are commanding huge sums just to turn up to events from corporate to private party’s, though rates vary per event and time-frame (Prices vary with demand too).

Besides this agents are constantly seeking huge fees to endorse products too IE Tess Daly (Well Woman), Claudia Winkleman (Cannaray CBD) besides thousands of influencers on instagram! We see ‘ad’s all day long from Laura Whitmore, Holly Willoughby, Kady McDemott and many more who all get sent goodies to keep, and get paid well for it too!

How much to book a celeb for 1 hour for an event?

Will Smith 100k plus. he rejects most offers due to his busy filming schedule.

Cat Deeley 15k plus! The TV star still commands a whopping big fee. Now back in the UK after years in the US, her workload is moutning still!

James Corden: £20k though he can command £50,000 for a televised ceremony plus all the luxuries of a car, wardrobe and more!

Amanda Holden: £10k. The radio and TV star has been in high demand for over a decade now and regulary enjoys luxury holidays when not working.

MP’s decelerations for appearance fees paid to them for appearing as celeb on Light entertainment prog (no fees paid if their representing their party for politics) Ranges between 3K and 10k.

Ben Shephard 5k-10k. Quite good value.

Christina Aguilera. The Voice judge once asked for $1 million for an hour long performance at a private Halloween party in San diego, California.

Mariah Carey Min $300,000 or up to $1m dependant on event/timing IE New years eve.

Love Island winners: £6,000+ but only a number really make it after leaving the show!

Harry Styles, you will need secure a minimum budget of $999,999 – $1,749,998 for Harry Styles’s booking fee. We love him though.

Rihanna $200,000 per hour or from $500,000 plus expenses though new requests will be more!

Davina McCall 15k plus. You know what you are getting here.

Selena Gomez – the singer-actress reportedly asks for a minimum of $100,000 to perform at private gigs and events

Mark Wright: £5,000 and up. He’s just so busy and loves working.

Justin Bieber – Still on many companies most wanted to work with. Bieber is said to charge $1 million for just an hour-long performance. We booked him once for a special deal for a on-time appearance at £20k and he was very late!

50 Cent $600,000 and $700,000 for appearances.

Pat Sharpe: £2,000 We’ve seen him DJ and he’s worth every penny!

Katie Price: £1,500 if desperate to £10,000 but her rate regularly changes

Denise Van Outen 5k-10k

Cher. The singer reportedly asks for $1.5 million per private appearance.

EastEnder Barry: £1,000.

Lady Gaga from $750,000 a day for a TV ad etc but movies she’s alot cheaper per day. Gaga’s annual salary varies depending on her work schedule, including whether she is touring, performing, recording, or filming. On average, she earns about $38 million per year.

Kelly Clarkson for a private event will run you to the sum of $300,000.

Rod Stewart‘s agent was approached by our founder and jouranlist Mark Boardman to perform at a wedding and requested £400,000!!

Chico: £750.

Jason Manford is £30k for 2.3-3 hours.

Morgan Freeman – you can indeed hire him for your event — if you have at least an extra $100,000 to spend, if he is in your city. Morgan got between $1 million and $2 million to be the voice of Visa Debit Cards

Gordon Hill aka Wealdstone Raider is £500 per hour plus travel.

Entertainment venues will usually have a budget with a small range and some stars will settle for less if they get publicity from it or get treated well with transport, food and more provided.

TV appearance on the chase from a celeb is usually a fee of £3800! So not only do they get a car, dressing room, make-up and a fee – they get a tonne of publicity too! Often the celebs earn more in appearance fees than the charities get!!

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