Celebs who quit Hollywood

Hollywood actors will often have a huge run of success then wither take a break, do something else (TV series for Netflix/broadway, start a business, or retired from acting (sometimes illness in the case of Bruce Willia), or for people like Jim Carrey who is “done with Hollywood” (fans await a much awaited comeback).

Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska, a Hollywood movie star is taking a break or retired from acting has opened up about her decision to leave Hollywood, saying she is “pretty content” now explaining that life in the spotlight didn’t quite suit her.

“It’s great, and there are lots of great things, [but] the perception of it is quite different from the reality, and it didn’t suit me as a person. You can really lose perspective because you’re treated quite strangely. When that’s your only reality, it’s quite strange,” she said.

Wasikowska added that she had been working in Hollywood on back-to-back films since she was 15, and found the routine gruelling.

“I spent 10 to 15 years, completely like, new city, new country, every three months, and it’s like starting school again every few months,” she explained.

“Especially when you’re younger, when you don’t have that base, I found that really hard.”

She added, “I didn’t entirely like the lifestyle of going back to back-to-back. I felt really disconnected from any greater community.”

Who else has shyed away from the starlight or changed occupation?

Some of these celebrities made up their mind about it, some had to take a break for health reasons and others just wanted to explore new territories or spend time with their loved ones.

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