Cheryl Cole’s is not currently in talks X Factor 2014 return

Cheryl Cole has not had any talks regarding The X Factor 2014 yet, it’s been confirmed.

Despite all of the various rumours online from other sites and tabloid reports, Cheryl has yet to even enter negotiations for a return to the ITV series.

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole’s is not currently in talks X Factor 2014 return

In a statement, her people said this week: “Cheryl has not made any demands, she has not even had any talks.”

However they seemed to avoiding denying outright the idea that Cheryl could be coming back to The X Factor.

X Factor boss Simon Cowell sparked talks of a possible comeback for the pair of them last month saying: “I will [come back to The X Factor UK] at some point.

“I still miss that, I mean that show is my baby and that last year we did, which was the One Direction year, was the most fun I’ve had – it was fantastic.”

He added: “Cheryl and I patched up our differences a long time ago.

“I saw her recently, we speak a lot on the phone and text each other, and I think both of us would like the idea of working together again.”

It was previously reported that Simon was set to tell Cheryl to ‘name her price’ in a bid to guarantee her return to the show for its eleventh series next summer.

“Simon’s treated Cheryl terribly in the past but he needs her back to save the show – and he’s shrewd enough to know that money talks,” a source said.

We would love to see Cheryl back on prime-time whatever she chooses to do!

A spokesperson for The X Factor said that “no decisions have been made for next year.” Follow @MarkMeets for the latest confirmed news on Cheryl FIRST

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