Count Dooku and Ahsoka Take the Stage Out Oct 26

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi : The trailer does not plan to disappoint

The first look at Ahsoka Tano’s and Count Dooku’s histories. As the clips unfold, we see Ahsoka being trained by Anakin, Count Dooku growing more violent, and Yoda in another lightsaber battle. Considering this is just the trailer, Tales of the Jedi promises to be an incredible addition to the Star Wars canon.

The series was announced in May at the Star Wars Celebration, and fans were excited to see another project from Dave Filoni, creator of Bad Batch and Star Wars: Rebels. Though Tales of the Jedi is only an anthology series with six 15-minute episodes, it looks like it will tell a big story. Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku are two Jedi (or former Jedi) with morally dubious backgrounds, and regardless of how they turned out, they were both exposed to unique aspects of the dark side.

Count Dooku’s Path to the Dark Side

We all know Count Dooku from The Clone Wars series and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. And although he appeared as a Sith, he wasn’t always one. In Tales of the Jedi, we’ll get a look at a younger Dooku before he turned to the dark side.

The first shot of him in the trailer has him standing amid a funeral procession before standing reverently in front of a large tree that is losing its leaves. We first hear him addressed as “Master Dooku.” And while he was a Jedi Master, his Padawan was Qui-Gon Jinn. The show will see Liam Neeson return as Qui-Gon as a Padawan.

Dooku says, “I want to bring peace and order to the galaxy.” But in the next several scenes, he becomes increasingly violent. As he stands with a young Qui-Gon in front of a group of peasants, it looks like he is protecting them from a group of soldiers. But as he ignites his lightsaber, Qui-Gon shouts, “Master! Stop!” and Dooku throws him aside with the Force.

Next, Dooku stands in battle alongside Mace Windu, facing some new (or old) type of droid we haven’t seen before, along with several soldiers. Dooku Force throws several soldiers into their ship’s side, and only Windu manages to put a stop to his wrath right as he brings his lightsaber to the throat of a frightened enemy.

There are quick shots of some familiar characters, including Bail Organa and Captain Rex. Dooku then assembles with a small group of Jedi as they overlook something that seems akin to a coffin and says:

“I’ve been warning them about the coming darkness.”

Ahsoka Tano’s Journey as a Young Child

Ahsoka, everyone’s favorite Padawan, has a journey that begins much earlier in her life. As the trailer opens, we hear her mother, Pav-Ti (Janina Gavankar), saying:

“Everywhere there is life… but you must face death. Honor it. Do not fear it.”

The first shot we see of Ahsoka is as a young child. As a saber-toothed predator bears down on her, licking its lips, about to take a bite, Ahsoka smiles and kindly puts her hand to its nose. In the next scene, as her mother holds baby Ahsoka, a village elder looks over her and states, “Jedi. Ahsoka is Jedi.”

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Instantly we see teenage Ahsoka ignite her lightsaber surrounded by clone troopers in a training exercise. Anakin’s voice comes in, saying, “The best way I can protect you is to teach you how to protect yourself.” The clone troopers take aim to battle her, each time hearing Anakin’s voice instruct, “Again.” The clone troopers fire ion blasts from their rifles as Ahsoka spins and artfully flips around with her dual lightsabers. She deflects several shots before she is stunned, hits the ground, and drops her lightsaber. Anakin again demands, “Again.”

We see Ahsoka riding the predator from before, hiding in a crowd under her familiar cowl, and walking down a long hallway wearing her Jedi garb. We hear her voice, “I’m tired of fighting.” Captain Rex surprisingly pulls out his blasters and fires a shot at Ahsoka.

In the last sequence in the trailer, a powerful enemy confronts Ahsoka. While unchecked wildfire blazes behind him, he carries the dual red lightsaber of an inquisitor. He is hooded and cloaked, wearing what looks like the skull of a vulture for a mask. With his lightsaber at another person’s throat, he asks Ahsoka, “And who might you be?” Ahsoka simply stares him down, resolute that she will have to fight.

Tales of the Jedi will release on October 26, 2022, only on Disney+

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