Ways To Reduce Stress & Better Manage Your Time As A Business Owner

Your role of running your company is an essential part of your life. It makes sense that you want to dedicate a lot of time and energy to ensuring all goes smoothly. In the midst of being a business owner, you also need to make sure you are properly managing your time and can think clearly and logically in your position.  

You may be struggling currently to do it all and feel like you’re always rushing around and, in turn, are dealing with an increase of anxiety and adrenaline. In this case, it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your approach. Review some ways to reduce stress and better manage your time as a business owner so you can succeed and feel calmer throughout the process of achieving more.

Plan & Make To-Do Lists

Being able to reduce stress as a business owner and better manage your time starts with you making it a point to plan ahead. You must think ahead and know what’s upcoming and where you’re going to be focusing your efforts next. Make and follow to-do lists and prioritse these items so that you are tackling what’s most important first and foremost. You’re only one person so if you are falling behind and need help then don’t be afraid to reach out and delegate tasks to your employees.

Know Your Strengths & Consider Outsourcing

It’s also wise that you know your strengths as a business owner and what you’re good at and areas you may not know as well. It can be useful to outsource certain tasks or jobs that take up too much of your time or are challenging to you. For instance, outsourcing and getting professional and managed IT Support is an opportunity for you to free up some of your time and reduce stress all while being able to move your company forward in a positive direction. They are the experts and can take some of this essential work off of your hands so you can concentrate on running your business. The same can be said for your payroll. This can take up a lot of your time when you could be doing other pressing tasks, but it is still crucial. Seeing how you can outsource payroll will benefit you and your business in the long run, so your employees can be paid on time and you can be up to date with important jobs. 

Take Advantage of Technology, Tools & Resources

There are many apps, programs, and various software solutions that can also help reduce your stress and allow you to better manage your time. Learn more about the available technology, tools, and resources that are out there and consider using them in your daily professional life. You can keep lists, track your time and projects, assign projects to others, and set reminders and alerts using these types of technology solutions. There are many options to choose from so you need to find the ones that are right for you and your business and then get comfortable using them.

Cut Out Distractions

One of the biggest ways to add stress to your professional life and prevent yourself from reaching your goals is if you are distracted. Therefore, make it a point to cut out and eliminate distractions so that you can focus on the task at hand. It may be that you spend less time conversing with colleagues during the day, set a particular time to check email, or shut your door when you have an important matter you’re addressing. Too many distractions will cause you to feel overwhelmed and will cause you to quickly fall off course and create delays with what you want to accomplish.

Only Schedule Necessary Meetings

Too many long and unproductive meetings may also make you feel anxious and short on time. You might lose precious minutes sitting around in meetings and then get behind on your work tasks over time. Instead, be diligent about only scheduling necessary meetings with people who need to be present. Communicate to your employees about this best practice as well so that they follow suit and no one is wasting any time in meetings that aren’t essential. Think about if there are other ways to get in touch with the people you need to such as through email, text, or a quick in-person conversation instead.

Get Comfortable Saying No

Learn to and get comfortable with saying no to others who request your time and attention when you don’t have it to give. This is one of the best ways to find more balance in your life. Reduce stress and better manage your time as a business owner by saying no without feeling guilty. Evaluate your schedule and to-do list and know what commitments you have upcoming so that you don’t overbook yourself. Take into account what is a priority for you and what can be put off for another day or skipped altogether. You’ll be much happier this way and feel less stressed out since you won’t be spreading yourself too thin.

Unplug Regularly

You also need to commit to taking good care of yourself as a business owner. Stay healthy, and well, and feel more in control of your emotions when you take breaks and step away from work every so often. Get in the habit of unplugging from technology and your job regularly and allow yourself to rest and regroup. You’ll return to your work tasks feeling much more refreshed and able to focus. Your mind needs breaks so consider meditating or spending time in nature when you need to disconnect and gather your thoughts. When you leave the office you should be mindful to not get home and hop on your phone or your computer right away. Instead, participate in personal hobbies or connect with your loved ones.


These are practical tips that will help you effectively reduce stress and better manage your time as a business owner. There’s no telling what you can achieve when you have good time management skills and feel relaxed and at ease at the office. There are many rewards that come from you being diligent about making your health a priority and not trying to take on too much at one time. You’ll be a more effective boss and leader when you implement these ideas for improvement and strive to take control of your professional life and schedule. 

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