Dancing On Ice’s Suzanne Shaw spent £1m in 18 months

Dancing On Ice star Suzanne Shaw has admitted that she earned £1 million in her pop career – but blew it all within 18 months.

Dancing On Ice's Suzanne Shaw spent £1million in 18 months | MarkMeets showbiz News |
The former Hear’Say singer – voted off Dancing On Ice after stumbling during her ‘save-me skate’ two weeks ago – was one of the five hopefuls selected to form the band in 2001 and holds her hands up to having always been useless with money.

The Daily Telegraph quoted Suzanne as saying: “I just blew my money with no regard to tax, no regard to investing properly.

“I just thought, ‘this is going to last forever’. I had a credit card with about 40 grand on it, at one point my accountant told me I’d bought £20,000-worth of clothes in the space of three months, none of it was even designer.”

The former Emmerdale actress went on to add: “I went through three cars in six months…

“Once I bought this brand new Suzuki Vitara straight from the showroom, drove it for a day, decided I didn’t like it and the following day drove it to a BMW garage and said ‘Can you buy this off me, and I want a BMW please’.”

Shaw says she narrowly avoided bankruptcy after Hear’Say split up in 2002, when she had debts of nearly £200,000, and advised young celebs not to follow her lead.

“My advice would be; don’t let this get out of control.

“You’re going to be extremely busy but sit down, ask the questions and get help outside of that bubble.”

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