Deadpool Comic Powerful Villains Ranked

Every Marvel hero has their own set of baddies, and some of these foes are strong. Here are the most powerful villains Deadpool has ever faced

As one of Marvel’s most unconventional and cartoonish heroes, Deadpool’s comics frequently feature some inarguably offbeat adventures. A major aspect of this is his collective rogue’s gallery, which includes some of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious villains, as well as some who are unique to Wade Wilson himself.

Deadpool fans have been excited to know that the Merc with a Mouth was coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the third movie with Ryan Reynolds in the role. However, things got even more exciting when Reynolds released a teaser that showed him inviting Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine for the next movie. With Wolverine and Deadpool both appearing in Deadpool 3, there is no word on whom the villain might be, but there are plenty in comics to choose from. From his days as a mercenary to his tenure in X-Force and his time as King of the Monsters, Deadpool has racked up a huge amount of villains who want his blood.

While his early adversaries are mostly laughable, Deadpool’s longevity and recent popularity have added depth to his list of villains. From perennial C-Listers to Omega-Level threats, Deadpool has faced off against an impressive array of Marvel’s most dastardly, and some have stood out more than others.

Evil Deadpool

A patchwork duplicate of Deadpool created when his incredible healing abilities merged a hodgepodge of discarded, dismembered parts into a composite being, Evil Deadpool possesses all of Wade’s powers, skills, and unpredictability, but lacks his humanity. It could be argued that he makes up for this particular shortcoming with his hilarious and unexpectedly effective two right arms.

With no discernable motivation other than to be the antithesis of the original, Evil Deadpool’s existence is a deranged take on the mythical Ship Of Theseus, in which the discarded parts of a rebuilt entity may have a valid claim as the original themselves. While thought deceased after their initial confrontation, Evil Deadpool has proven to be just as resilient as his progenitor, returning first to join Dreadpool’s team of evil multiversal Deadpools before embarking on his own once more as the group’s only surviving member.

Kraven the Hunter

Most people know Kraven the Hunter as a Spider-Man villain. However, he has fought several Marvel superheroes over his time in Marvel Comics. While most of these heroes were based on animals, like Black Panther, he also had a strong rivalry with Deadpool.

This happened while Deadpool was the King of the Monsters. With Deadpool amidst a legion of monsters, as well as with Elsa Bloodstone by his side, Kraven found a new worthy prey to hunt. Kraven actually had Deadpool almost beaten when it took Elsa to save him.

Dr. Killebrew

In Marvel Comics, the man who turned Wade Wilson into Deadpool was Dr. Emrys Killebrew, who worked with Ajax by his side. In the Deadpool movie, it was Ajax who was responsible for Deadpool. However, in the comics, Ajax was simply an assistant to the evil Killebrew.

Since Killebrew was responsible for much of Deadpool’s suffering, he ended up as a major thorn in his side. In the end, Killebrew did something heroic. Feeling bad for what he did to Deadpool and others, he sacrificed himself, so Deadpool could beat Ajax, but died at the hands of the villain.


Juggernaut showed up in Deadpool 2 as the villain, and it was a great comeback for the character who wasn’t treated very well in the X-Men franchise. The two also had history in the comics. When Deadpool was part of X-Force, he helped Siryn in a battle with her uncle Black Tom and Juggernaut.

Juggernaut had a grudge to repay from when Deadpool ran over him in a concrete truck and buried him under its contents. The two ended up in a more personal battle in the 2021 storyline in Paradise Lost when Juggernaut went to save a detained mutant. However, when Deadpool reached her first, it set up a massive war between the two once again.


Ajax was the villain from the Deadpool movie. However, in the comics he was not the man who turned Wade Wilson into Deadpool. Instead, he was the assistant to Dr. Killebrew. With that said, he soon eclipsed Killebrew when it comes to his status as a Deadpool villain.

Ajax got so far out of control that he killed Killebrew while trying to finally beat Deadpool. He really upped his villainy when he began killing surviving members of Weapon X, hunting down Deadpool, a story slightly re-purposed to William Stryker in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


It might come as a surprise to people who don’t read comics, but one of the men who hate Deadpool more than anyone is Thanos. This all comes down to something that the MCU left out of the Thanos Saga. In the comics, Thanos snapped out half of the universe because he was in love with the persona of Death and wanted to impress her.

As for Deadpool, he can’t die and always resurrects, and it isn’t just because of his healing factor. Death and Deadpool fell in love with each other during one of his deaths. This made Thanos jealous, and he knows he can’t do anything to kill Deadpool because he wants to keep him from returning to Death.

Dead Presidents

When an unhinged, obsessively patriotic agent of SHIELD’s magics division went AWOL, he used his knowledge of Marvel’s darkest arts to resurrect every deceased President of the United States, from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. Seeking to restore the country to its former glory, this scheme went awry when the zombified former leaders instead ran amok, sewing chaos upon the country they once led.

As the public elimination of these former American heroes would have caused massive PR backlash for teams such as The Avengers, Deadpool was instead called in. A native of Canada, the Merc With The Mouth had no issues aggressively dispatching the necrotic former leaders of the free world in 2013’s Deadpool vol. 5.

Id, The Selfish Moon

Born in the shadow of Ego, The Living Planet, Id, The Selfish Moon’s self-awareness came at the cost of eternal loneliness. As the only known sentient moon, Id spent thousands of years interacting with burgeoning civilizations and seeking companionship, only to be disillusioned by his inability to find others like himself.

After internalizing this loneliness, Id developed a selfish streak, chasing a party animal lifestyle and destroying other worlds in order to snort their cosmic dust and the worldly energies associated. His vices would prove to be his downfall when he destroyed and inhaled the planet U-235, on which Deadpool had planted a nuclear fission bomb, which detonated after consumption and destroyed Id from the inside.

Marcus, The Gladiator, Centaur, Werewolf, Symbiote

A centaur from Ancient Greece, Marcus was bitten by a werewolf, and later came into possession of one of Marvel’s powerful alien Klyntar symbiotes. With his myriad of abilities, he was recruited by Dracula during the ancient vampire’s war with Deadpool, leading an eclectic new version of The Frightful Four.

Described by Dracula as “having no weakness,” Marcus’ battle with Deadpool eventually resulted in the Centaur calling a time out to check his blood sugar, and it was revealed that the ancient warrior was diabetic. Worried about losing his hooves to his disease, he opened up about his insecurities to Deadpool, who immediately assuaged these fears by slicing off Marcus’ legs. He later returned with cybernetic prosthetics, adding another adverb to his already protracted name.

Hit Monkey

When his clan of secluded mountainous monkeys took in an injured assassin, the Japanese Macaque who would become Hit Monkey was exiled from his colony for disagreeing with this decision. Despite this, Hit Monkey secretly monitored the rehabilitation of this nameless assassin, mirroring his movements and adapting his skills. When the assassin’s sordid past caught up to him, Hit Monkey’s entire colony became casualties of the ensuing conflict, and he found himself the sole survivor. Becoming an assassin himself, Hit Monkey first sought revenge, before turning his talents toward profit, which brought him into the orbit of other mercenaries for hire, including Deadpool.

With such an unbelievable origin, few Marvel heroes even entertain the idea of Hit Monkey’s existence. Deadpool’s history of unreliability has only compounded this disbelief, making Hit Monkey an adversary that Wade is forced to frequently face alone.


Although best known as the arch-nemesis of the symbiote-powered anti-hero Venom, Carnage and Deadpool faced off during 2014’s Deadpool vs. Carnage miniseries, which saw the unhinged mercenary attempting to apprehend the notorious alien-empowered serial killer due to their conflicting moral compasses, in an iconic demonstration of Deadpool’s bizarre personal code of ethics.

Unable to match Carnage’s raw savagery, Deadpool was dismembered and reconstituted a couple of times before evening the odds by simultaneously bonding with four other symbiotes, allowing him to gain the upper hand against the villain.


Typically associated with the hero Daredevil, Bullseye’s status as one of the Marvel Universe’s premiere mercenaries has caused his path to cross with Deadpool’s on a handful of occasions. Most recently, when Norman Osborn, better known in his guise as Spider-Man’s greatest villain, the Green Goblin, took control of SHIELD and organized his own team of Dark Avengers, Bullseye was given the costume and identity of Hawkeye.

As Hawkeye, he was sent to assassinate Deadpool, but Wade’s incredible healing and unpredictable nature made this a nearly impossible task. After a string of unsuccessful attempts, Bullseye finally paid off the merc to end their feud, just as Deadpool was preparing to cut him in half with a chainsaw.


A variant of Deadpool from Earth-12101, Dreadpool’s delusion led him to believe that he and all beings throughout the multiverse were fictional creations and that the only way to “free” himself was to kill every last living being. Beginning with the eradication of the heroes of his home universe, Dreadpool’s multiversal rampage would next move on to the elimination of many literary heroes of the “Ideaverse,” including Tom Sawyer and the titular characters of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, Little Women.

His path of destruction eventually brought him to the prime Marvel Universe and into conflict with the “original” Deadpool. By this point, both Deadpool and Dreadpool had each assembled their own armies of multiversal Deadpool variants to aid in battle, including Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, and Dogpool.


A violent anti-hero and nihilist who views everything, including existence itself, as pointless, Madcap is one of the few of Deadpool’s antagonists who can outmatch Wade’s wildness. With a powerset that essentially allows his body to exist in a state of pseudo-cartoon logic, Madcap is impervious to pain and can reconstitute himself from injuries that would kill or maim most beings. His most dangerous ability, however, is his ability to pass his madness onto others.

After an altercation with the Avenger Thor, in which both Deadpool and Madcap were disintegrated by a lightning strike, their combined healing abilities reassembled them into one body, with Madcap trapped inside Deadpool’s mind. When the two were finally separated, the experience had driven Madcap further over the edge, and he set about upon a quest to destroy the mercenary. His objectives eventually fell short when, in typical fashion, Madcap grew bored with their feud and abandoned his goals of revenge.


A mercenary and trainer of assassins and henchmen, Taskmaster’s chosen profession has brought him into Deadpool’s orbit on multiple occasions. They have been both enemies and allies, and their rivalry has even led to a short-lived business partnership, in which the two co-operated the mercenary-for-hire organization “Agency X.”

With the power to instantaneously memorize and mimic the movements and fighting styles of any hero or villain he has witnessed, Taskmaster has been a formidable foe for heroes such as Black Widow and The Avengers. Although he has displayed a general dislike towards Deadpool on most occasions, Taskmaster’s begrudging respect and willingness to work with Wade stems from the wild unpredictability in which the anti-hero operates, making him impossible to accurately mirror.

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