Do Celebrity Faces or Sounds Make Online Gambling More Popular?

Celebrity Lifestyle and Gambling

Gambling might not be something you immediately think of when you think of a celebrity, but there’s no denying that a connection can be made – in more ways than one. The most obvious way in which this is true is in sports and sports betting. Many figureheads of the sports industry around the world have appeared in sports betting adverts, so much so that this is now commonplace. However, sports betting is such a small subset of the gambling industry as a whole, and so too are these celebrities – beyond this group, you’ll be surprised by the connection between showbiz and gambling, particularly in online gambling.

What Is Online Gambling?

In order to look at celebrities and online gambling, it would help to know some more about online gambling, wouldn’t it? So, what is online gambling, and why has it grown in popularity so much in recent years? It’s quite simple, online gambling offers the best of gambling, in an efficient and comfortable manner. By gambling online, you can have access to sports betting, live casino games, and online slots – just as you would from a regular casino, but more! At some of the casinos advertised at Hideous Slots fastest payout online casinos NZ, there are over 7,000 slot games on offer, meaning players are never stuck for choice. What makes an online casino particularly special, though, is that you can partake in this entertainment from the comfort of your own home.

This is the crux of why online gambling is so popular – nowadays, we barely want to leave home to pick up dinner, so why would you want to venture out to a casino, particularly in the winter months, when you could have the same experience from home? Sure, going out still has its’ place – we all like to get dressed up every now and again and head out with friends, but for the most part, getting the same experience on the sofa at home will always come out on top.

The main worry for some players, particularly in New Zealand, is that in choosing to gamble online, they’ll have to wait days on their withdrawal, whereas going out to the casino sees you leave with your winnings in your pocket. Thankfully though, the fastest payout online casinos NZ can see players receive their withdrawal within a few hours – this could actually be shorter than the distance to the casino, depending on where you live! All of these things help us to better understand why online gambling is so popular.

Celebrities and Gambling

Once you understand online gambling and its draws, it makes a bit more sense that there are a number of prominent celebrities that have associated themselves directly with its advertising – whether this is through television adverts, social media campaigns, or even promo codes for particular casino websites.

There are a number of celebrity connections within the gambling industry outside of promotion and advertising though, like the slots available. There are actually a number of online slots based on some of the most popular television shows or films of the past few decades. Some of these include – The Goonies, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Terminator, Gremlins, Ted, Narcos, Rick and Morty, Sausage Party, Top Cat, Survivor, Beavis and Butthead, Jumanji, Peaky Blinders, Lara Croft, Beetlejuice, The Matrix, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Inspector Gadget, Rocky, Hell’s Kitchen – even Joe Exotic.

Whether giving permission for their concept or likeness to be used, or offering snippets of their voice work, there’s no denying that celebrities run rampant through the slot section of online casinos.

Aside from your favourite actors and actresses, you can also find your favourite musicians and performers in online gambling. This is another reason online gambling is so popular – there are phenomenal soundtracks associated with some of these games, so you get a top-class experience without leaving your home.

When it comes to musicians, you can find works from The Cult, Guns n’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Deadmau5, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne. 

Do Celebrity Faces or Sounds Make Online Gambling More Popular?

An interesting thought, split into two parts. Celebrity faces as the advertising power will absolutely make online gambling more popular – there will be more people than ever sign up to one of these casinos if they see their favourite celebrity advertise it. Influencer culture means that people listen to, and believe, what their favourite influencers say – and celebrities are at the very top of all influencers, right?

However, outside of the advertising powers, celebrities giving their concept, name, likeness, voice, or music to an online slot will probably not affect the popularity of gambling as a whole. This has a bigger effect with established players, who may be more enticed to play certain games as a result of these elements. With only a few games available for advertising purposes, or in home page positions, it’s unlikely Twisted Sister or Ted are encouraging people to sign up in the first place. 

No matter the enticement though, there’s no denying – celebrity culture has its place in online gambling, and this entwinement has led to some of the most entertaining online slots available on the market, so we aren’t complaining. We’re always excited to see what movies will become slots next, or what songs we’ll hear blasting through our speakers next time we load up a new game. I’m sure we all have a list of what we’ve love to see, so hopefully some of us will see results on that list in the future.

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