Giovanna Fletcher finds working and being a mum very intense


Giovanna Fletcher has found the “juggle” of working parenthood more “intense” than ever this year.

The ‘The Eve Illusion’ writer podcaster and celebrity mum Giovanna Fletcher has found the “juggle” of working parenthood tougher than ever!

The 36 year-old ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ host – who has sons Buzz, seven, Buddy, five, and three-year-old Max with husband Tom Fletcher – admitted the restrictions have had an impact on her children and she’s found it hard to know how best to help them because she’s also found things “really tricky”.

However the Fletcher family have recently recturned from a holiday in Cornwall.

She recently also posted “WALKING ON SUNSHINE are scribbled on and my notes are in… next time I see it will be in book form! Aaaaaaah!! Roll on publication day (11th November)”.

“Like 2020, this year has been a really tricky one to navigate, with new lockdowns, new rules and then learning how to embrace normal life again.

“As a parent, I’ve seen the uncertainty and confusion affect my children in different ways. It’s been hard as a parent to know what you can do to help them when you’re also trying to get to grips with the ups and downs of life.

“The juggle has been more intense than ever before.”

Giovanna has partnered with Churchill to narrate the brand’s second series of children’s audiobooks, ‘Little Chapters of Chill, Part 2’, which aims to reconnect children with the outside world, and she hopes the stories – which feature the adventures of the insurance firm’s beloved dog mascot Churchie and have mindfulness at the centre of the tales – help youngsters.

She said: “This second series is a really great way to start a conversation about mindfulness as a family – it’s a campaign I really believe in and one that has helped so many people already, so I’m very excited to bring it to the ears of children of again!”

And Churchill want the stories to “smooth the transition” to “normal” life for children in order to reduce the stress parents feel.

Kirsty Hoad, Head of Marketing, Churchill, said: “Following the success of the first series of Little Chapters of Chill, we knew we wanted to use the platform again this year, but to update it with stories that children can not only relate to but find a sense of escapism with.

“With the return back to schools imminent, the second series is really timely and hopefully will help smooth the transition back to ‘normal’ life for children – and make it as stress free for parents as possible.”

‘Little Chapters of Chill – Part 2’, are available to listen to for free from now on the Churchill website and all major streaming services

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