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The illustrated edition of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix sold out fast, serving as yet another testament to the evergreen success and legacy of the beloved franchise, especially when it comes to the books that started the pop-cultural phenomenon.

However, as popular and widely analyzed as they continue to be, there are many details from the canonical texts that get overlooked by fans, due to reasons like on-screen changes, character favoritism, or for fan shipping purposes.

The Sunday Times bestselling Illustrated Edition of J.K. Rowling’s fifth Harry Potter adventure has reviews averaging 4.9/5 online.

Hogwarts Uses Elf Labor

Hogwarts remains a beloved fictional setting for Potterheads, however, many tend to ignore its use of house elf labor. They have to “pretend that Hogwarts doesn’t use [house elf] labor [and] despise how Hermione was treated as annoying for being against” this questionable conduct.

House elves are shown to be undeniably exploited in the series, and it’s easier for fans to keep adoring Hogwarts by ignoring the fact that the castle indulges in the same abhorrent practices as the rest of the Wizarding World. Plus, the films failed to show this side of Hogwarts, along with Hermione’s S.P.E.W movement, making it easier for fans to ignore this crucial fact that gets highlighted in Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire.

Dementors Can’t Fly

While there are many things that annoy fans after re-watching Prisoner Of Azkaban, a detail that will only irk those who read the books is how Dementors are shown to have flying abilities. How “in the books, they glide on the ground… them being able to fly through the sky was a movie thing only.”

This overlooked fact highlights how much the films influenced the perception of fans, especially with the movie moment of Sirius and Harry being viciously attacked from all angles substituting the true scene of the Dementors swarming around them, coming close enough to show their terrifying face and grab Harry.

This is not to mention how the films altered facts about various creatures and characters to better fit a more dramatic narrative. Want more Potter?

Wizards Are Clueless About Muggles

From their sense of fashion to the various inventions that Arthur Weasley would love, there are many things from the Muggle world that the Wizarding World is shown to be utterly oblivious to, which seems ridiculous.

They “just can’t accept that wizards are completely clueless about how muggles dress,” especially given that “most wizards live amongst muggles.” With perhaps the exception of a few stubborn pureblood families, it seems highly unlikely that the Wizarding World – full of Muggle-borns and half-bloods – would be so woefully ignorant of non-magical ways. Rather than acknowledging the connotation that the Wizarding World is so condescending and uneducated, it’s easier for fans to ignore this recurring obliviousness.

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Barty Crouch Jr. Was A Good Teacher

Beyond ranking as one of the evilest Death Eaters in Harry Potter, Barty Crouch Jr. proved himself to be a formidable teacher while disguised as Mad-Eye Moody. He was possibly the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor since “he was passionate about the subject and had a brilliant mind.”

Although his methods were a bit unorthodox, he taught his students more about the Dark Arts than many of their other incompetent professors. His insensitivity aside, he showed himself to be a worthy mentor, not just through his teachings but also through actually being aware of what happened with students, such as when he turns Malfoy into a white ferret. But, his being a Death Eater overshadows his potential as a professor for fans.

Hermione And Draco Have Zero Chemistry

While Draco and Hermione are one of the most popular Harry Potter fan ships, the truth is that they have absolutely no chemistry in canon. “Draco never had a crush/liked Hermione. Hermione only wanted to be with Ron. She never had secret feelings.”

Most of their interactions were always laced with Malfoy’s apparent prejudice and Hermione’s disdain for his pretentious and terrible personality. Although the two are great characters with many moments that can be used as the foundation for their beloved enemies-to-lovers trope in fanfiction, the sad truth is that the books never hinted towards them ever having hidden feelings for one another or being probable and compatible partners.

Hagrid Kidnapped Grawp

While there are many unpopular fan opinions about Hagrid, his faults tend to be overlooked by much of the fandom thanks to his jovial nature and good intentions. However, even he is shown to be problematic, as evidenced best by his “rescuing” of Grawp.

“Hagrid dragged him by force across half the continent. After that, he keeps him captive in the forest.” Hagrid blatantly confesses his actions and proves yet again how he lets his compassionate yet rash and impulsive behavior get the better of him. Kidnapping Grawp and limiting his autonomy is a canon fact that gets largely ignored in favor of maintaining Hagrid’s reputation.

Arthur Weasley has been revered as a noble family member and a brave member of the Order. However, it’s shown that even Arthur is privy to the occasional illegal behavior and bribery as a member of the Ministry.

This is shown in Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire when Arthur mentions Bagman gave him the Quidditch World Cup tickets in exchange for sorting out a small issue with his brother. While “he did Bagman a favor to procure the tickets [and] perhaps this makes him corruptible as a government official,” he is still a man of good morals. This is why fans tend to ignore this briefly mentioned fact, since it says a lot less about Arthur’s integrity and morals than the rest of his actions throughout the series.

How Young James And Lily Were

Among the many things only books fans know about Lily and James Potter is just how young they were when they were killed by Lord Voldemort.

anon Harry’s parents were like 21 when they died, but are shown as middle-aged in the movies.” This change of perception not only takes away from how tragic their early deaths were but also detracts from the parallels between them and Harry since they all had to face great tragedy and take sides in a war at an incredibly early point in their lives.

Snape’s Age

Harry Potter fans tend to forget that Snape took on the role of Hogwarts professor quite early on in life, being only in his early 30s when Harry first meets him at Hogwarts.

“Alan Rickman being in his 50s during the movies changes people’s perception.” However, ignoring Snape’s canon age greatly takes away from his character, as it establishes how young and inexperienced Snape still was when he made the important decision of coming to Dumbledore and how early he died, further adding to his complicated and contested character arc as a hero in Harry Potter.

The Pointy Hats

From Halloween to everyday cosplays, the Hogwarts uniforms and Wizarding World robes have become a popular choice of costume for fans of the magical series.

However, most people tend to ignore a crucial piece of attire from the Wizarding World: the pointy hats. “They really should’ve had them sprinkled in the movies more, maybe not every student but maybe for some who liked the tradition,” especially given that so many important characters – from Tom Riddle to Dolores Umbridge – wore them. While shown briefly at the start of the film series, the hats are rarely depicted – or even mentioned – much on-screen, and their existence has been completely forgotten by many fans as a result.

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