Harry Styles would make a ‘great’ boyfriend says pal

Morgan Spurlock has said that he thinks that One Direction’s Harry Styles is great boyfriend material.

The filmmaker got close to the boyband star during the filming of the documentary This Is Us.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles would make a ‘great’ boyfriend says pal

Spurlock told Ok mag that he believes that Styles knows how to treat a lady.

He explained: “I think he’s a genuine, open person. He’d make a great boyfriend.

“He’s a great son. How they treat their mum is always a good sign of how they’ll treat their girlfriend.”

Morgan also admitted that Harry’s good looks add a lot to his appeal.

He added: “Look at that hair. Ladies love the hair. It’s the flowing locks, and his dimples.

“He’s got good dimples.”

Meanwhile  Scott Mills has a lot of love for Harry Styles and his good manners
7 Dec 2013 00:01

The BBC Radio 1 DJ is impressed by the boyband star who is always offering to take care of people

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