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Rap star Iggy Azalea has opened up about her day-to-day feelings, from her love of chicken to making fast tempo electronic dance music with heavy 808 drums but admits life can be “depressing” at times.

The 31-year-old rap star has revealed that she often feels down and depressed, and that at times, Iggy feels as if there’s “no end in sight”.

The blonde beauty – who was born in Australia but moved to the US during her teens to pursue her music ambitions – wrote on the micro-blogging platform: “Sometimes life is just depressing as f*** with no end in sight and I hate overcoming those days. (sic)”

By contrast, Iggy – who has more than seven million Twitter followers – previously admitted that she can’t wait for Halloween.

The ‘Work’ hitmaker explained earlier this month that she was counting down the days until the annual celebration on October 31.

Iggy – who has a 17-month-old son called Onyx Kelly with her ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti – wrote on Twitter: “I just got back from a haunted house and I had SOoOOoO much fun!!!!

“I’m ready for it to be Oct 31st already pumpkin emoji”

Iggy also revealed via the social media platform that she was having a trampoline built for her baby boy.

The ‘Fancy’ hitmaker – who split from Carti last year – loves online shopping and is looking forward to the Cyber Monday sales on November 29.

She tweeted: “Why am I already excited for cyber Monday sales and it’s still October lmao something is wrong with me. (sic)”

Asked if there’s something she’s particularly keen to buy, Iggy replied: “New outdoor furniture.”

And asked whether Onyx has a big playground, she shared: “They have one walking distance from my house so he plays on that but I’m building him an in ground trampoline. (sic)”

“It’s the end of a chapter of my life,” the rapper told MarkMeets earlier this year.

On her last album she said “like an adventure of the last decade, for me drawing inspiration from past projects and just referencing the ‘era’ as in the decade but also a nod to the fact that it’s a last hurrah… it’s probably the last project I’m going to put out musically, so it’s the end of a chapter of my life.”

And though Azalea has famously collaborated on hits with everyone from Charli XCX (“Fancy”), to Ariana Grande (“Problem”), Jennifer Lopez (“Booty”) and Britney Spears (“Pretty Girls”), her  third official studio album — previewed with the singles “Brazil” and the thumping “I Am the Stripclub” — is mostly about Iggy. “Honestly, it’s never been something that’s important to me… how popular the other person is,” says Azalea — who apologizes over the phone for interruptions, as her style team works to position her for a photo shoot while she talks about the independently released album.

She describes writing the swinging summer anthem “Sex on the Beach” with singer Sophia Scott because they simply vibed during writing sessions. “I liked her voice and I wanted to stay true to the intent of the song,” she says of the tune’s acoustic dance groove. “For me this album is more about a passion project than wanting it to be some gigantic commercial success.”

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