Is Harry Styles over-doing the celebrity lifestyle?

Fears have been raised that Harry Styles’ hectic social life, combined with his gruelling schedule, could lead to health problems for the One Direction star.

The floppy-haired heartthrob was spotted partying until the early hours with reality TV star Kendall Jenner in a trendy gay bar in New York city earlier in the week – where the band are promoting their latest album, Midnight Memories.

Is Harry Styles over-doing the celebrity lifestyle?

This despite Harry allegedly missing rehearsals due to an undisclosed illness while in the city, leading some to wonder if the 19-year-old singer may be burning the candle at both ends.

Heat magazine quoted The Jeremy Kyle Show’s resident GP, Dr Arun Ghosh, as saying: “It sounds like he is going overboard and not resting his body which is cause for concern.

“Harry’s obviously young and is clearly able to do it now, but there’s only so long you can go on before you get exhausted. If he gets too tired, he won’t physically be able to manage and he may collapse.”

MarkMeets last year revealed the boys touring schedule and it was absolutly grueling to say the least!

According to some reports, the 19-year-old often survives off only four hours of sleep a night and has been known to head down to the gym as early as 5am when overseas – both of which have Dr Ghosh worried.

“Sleep is so important and the most worrying thing is that Harry admits to only getting four hours’ sleep a night. That’s certainly not enough, especially after intense, gruelling activity,” he told the magazine.

“Harry’s under intense pressure to look good especially because of the famous women he’s dated. There are so many pictures taken of him so he wants to look his best.

“He wants people to go away saying, ‘Yes he is fit, yes he is gorgeous,’” he added.

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