Are there already plans for yet another Scream movie in the works?

Movie director Tyler Gillet hopes to be given the chance to direct another ‘Scream’ movie after helming the new flick in the horror franchise.

The director teamed up with Matt Bettinelli-Olpin behind the camera on the latest movie in the horror franchise and explained that the crew have more ideas to bring to the table.

Tyler told told us: “I think I can say that we both love ideas and I think we want to pursue both things. We have a bunch of really fun, original things that we’re working on.

“We certainly know that Guy (Bisick) and Jamie (Vanderbilt) have amazing ideas about where ‘Scream’ could go after this last one. We just want to be involved in all of it.”

The filmmaker continued: “We just want to be involved in all of it. I think once you’ve had an experience with people that really changes you, not only creatively, but fills your heart up and fulfils you, really, in ways that I think we all never thought we would be fulfilled, you just want to replicate that as many times as possible.”

Tyler admits that following in the footsteps of the legendary Wes Craven by helming a ‘Scream’ movie was a “unique challenge” and believes he achieved a career goal with the project.


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He said: “This was a unique challenge and I think it scratched an itch we don’t know we had, and I think it’ll continue to itch. So hopefully there’s more.”

Tyler and Matt previously helmed the poorly received horror film ‘Devil’s Due’ and the former says that the experience taught the pair a lot.

He explained: “Just to have had that experience as a movie fan is just incredible. And then to have it not be embraced with open arms, as you kindly put it, I think it toughened us in a lot of ways.”

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