Jason Momoa Reveals Plans For Fast And Furious 11

As early reactions to Fast X have highlighted, Jason Momoa is a total wild man in the new Fast & Furious chapter – playing villain Dante Reyes as a looney psychopath out for bloodthirsty vengeance against the franchise’s family of protagonists, led by Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. It’s clear from watching the movie that the actor had a lot of freedom in his performance and the opportunity to make the character his own. Still, however, Momoa walked away from the production feeling disappointed about one aspect of the experience, and he plans to change things for the better in the making of Fast & Furious 11.

The actor participated in a virtual press roundtable late last week to discuss his time thus far in the Fast & Furious franchise, and it was when asked about the film’s big third act set piece that he pointed to the one “bummer” of the Fast X ride: he didn’t feel that he got enough time actually driving cars on set. He explained that he had the chance to do a fair amount of work on a motorcycle, as he is an experienced rider, but he wants more action behind the wheel in the sequel:

My only one maybe like bummer of the whole thing is I didn’t get to drive more, which is gonna change in the next one. That’ll be my massive request, is going like, ‘I would love to go to driving school.’ I would love to go learn that stuff. I know how to ride motorcycles just from doing my own thing, and so I did 80 percent of the motorcycle stuff, which is great and I’m super happy that they trusted me to do it. And then the stunts that would jeopardize the whole picture, obviously a stunt man would take that over, but I really would love to drive more.

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