Keanu Reeves was set to play Fast X role claims Alan Ritchson

Actor Alan Ritchson has revealed that he almost missed out on his Fast X role to none other than Hollywood legend Keanu Reeves – and that wasn’t the only hurdle during production.

The star became a household name following the success of Prime Video’s Reacher, makes his Fast & Furious debut in the latest entry as Aimes, the leader of the secretive agency once overseen by Kurt Russell’s Mr Nobody.

Smallville star Ritchson revealed that the role very nearly went to John Wick star Reeves. “It was just a little stroke of luck and good timing,” he explained. “I got a call that things had shifted in the plans with Keanu Reeves, which is I think who was originally intended to play my part. Tough act to follow.”

Ritchson’s role was subject to delicate scheduling that was thrown into disarray by “the biggest blizzard in Winnipeg’s history”, causing the actor to fear this blockbuster opportunity would slip through his fingers. “I thought it was over before it began,” he continued. “But luckily we worked it out and they were able to push the dates a little more.”

One more curveball was thrown as production got underway, with Ritchson remembering a worrying phone call from Fast & Furious producer Jeff Kirschenbaum.

“He sounded real low. I was like, ‘Oh, God. Whatever you’ve got to say, just say it. I can take it. I’m a big boy,'” recalled Ritchson. “He goes, ‘You’re not going to be working with [director] Justin [Lin] on this.’ I was like, ‘Okay… am I still in the movie?'”

Kirschenbaum went on to clarify that Ritchson’s job was safe, but that Universal had unexpectedly parted ways with long-time Fast filmmaker Lin, who was swiftly replaced by Louis Leterrier (best known for The Incredible Hulk and Now You See Me). “I’m very grateful that it worked out,” he added.

Ritchson, Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Brie Larson (The Marvels) are among the noteworthy new additions to the Fast & Furious franchise with this 10th entry, while stalwarts Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson return.

Fast X is out now in cinemas.

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