Kim Kardashian Makes Billionaire Club List

Just as sister Kylie was dropped from Forbes’ billionaire list, Kim Kardashian has officially made it, with the publication estimating that she is worth $1 billion, up from $780m in October 2020, owing mainly to two businesses – Skims and KKW. Of course, her social media and reality TV appearances have also made a major contribution to her net worth. Soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kanye West, is also on the list, owing in no small part to his fashion ventures, which include his majorly successful Yeezy sneakers. In 2019, sales for this futuristic-looking shoe apparel reached a whopping $1.2 billion. Kim, meanwhile, has used her solid social media following (she has over 213M followers on Instagram alone) to share images of her apparel, as well as of cool brands she wishes to share with the world – owing to collaborations or their trending appeal.

The Kardashian Sisters Make Or Break Brands

The power of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters in the fashion world is evident. Relatively unknown swimwear designer, Olive Haidenbauer (whose brand has been on the market for only six months) became an overnight success after Kim posted an image of her wearing one of her designs while on a short break in Palm Springs. Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, meanwhile, have added the celebrity factor to bikinis like the ‘upside down bikini’ the Halter Bikini Top, or the Tie Side Bikini Bottoms with captions. Here’s a tip for those who wish to don a Kardashian/Jenner style bikini: opt for risqué styles that show off a bit of skin on the side or bottom of the breast. It isn’t all about top cleavage at the moment: the key inspiration is to go minimalist when it comes to material, allowing artistic yet minimalist styles to show off the bikini bod you have worked so hard to achieve.

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Kim Keeps Killing It

Kim Kardashian may be generous when it comes to supporting other brands, but her main focus is on Skims and KKW. Skims, which is arguably most famous for its control shapewear, now also stocks loungewear, pyjamas, bras, and practically all other items for leisure and home wear. The brand has achieved great success by focusing on items that make bodies more Instagrammable: push-up bras, for instance, are one of Kim’s biggest sellers. KKW, meanwhile, is all about beauty, in the luxurious textures and nude/natural hues the Kardashians are famous for. KKW currently sells everything from lip liners to cream contours and eyeshadows. Once again, the focus is on looking your very best in social media photos. Thus, two of the brand’s most reviewed and well-loved items include the mascara (great for creating ridiculously long lashes) and the skin-perfecting body foundation – ideal, once again, for poolside, beach, and lingerie shots.

Kim Kardashian has finally made it to Forbes’ Billionaires list, joining soon-to-be-ex, Kanye West. Kim is reaping great success with her fashion and beauty brands, Skims and KKW, respectively. She is also collaborating with other designers, and generously showing off the designs she loves – some of which have no less than ‘made’ small businesses in need of greater audience reach.

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