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Mark Boardman Radio presenter and music DJ
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For some people to sum up what they do can be more than a few words. Having worked in the world of entertainment, Mark Boardman is a highly accomplished and influential figure in the world of media and journalism.

Mark Boardman is a media writer and and co-founder of MarkMeets PR who regularly reports on showbiz, lifestyle, music, business and the royals for Newsweek and the BBC

From interviewing celebrities, being backstage at gigs and reviewing festivals to writing and distributing content, talking on local and national radio (giving his opinion on the latest topics and news features), and promoting events and red carpets – life can be busy for the entrepreneur and verified writer who is now working with several artists and producing records.

“Being on speedial for agents, organisers and celebrities keeps me busy and I am lucky to have such a strong and supportive team around me”. He said he thrive s working in such a hectic envrironment but there are many perks from being invited to showbiz parties, album launches and tv screenings.

With a diverse range of skills and expertise, he has made a significant impact as a freelancer writer, radio presenter, and promoter of film premieres. Mark’s dynamic career has allowed him to excel in various domains, including movies, music, lifestyle, and public relations.

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As a notable freelance writer, Mark Boardman has consistently showcased his exceptional talent for crafting engaging and insightful content. His work has been prominently featured on platforms like BBC Radio London, where he captivates audiences with his articulate and knowledgeable commentary. Mark’s ability to discuss a wide array of subjects, including movies, music, and lifestyle topics, reflects his versatility and depth of understanding across different cultural spheres.

Moreover, Mark Boardman has earned recognition as a skilled media man and content creator. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of the entertainment industry, he has contributed extensively to shaping popular culture through his written pieces, interviews, and reviews. His thoughtful analysis and expert opinions have garnered him a loyal following among readers and listeners alike.

In addition to his impressive writing career, Mark also holds the role of a journalist and publicist, besides founding over 20 years ago, the site has been featured in the likes of Bloomberg, Business Insider, New York Post, BuzzFeed, Guardian, Attitude Magazine, BBC, Daily Express, Hindustan Times, Gamespost, Billboard, Radio Times, Music Week, Daily Mail, MTV, RTE, and Newsweek amongst hundreds of other news outlets besides TV series on CHannel 4, appearances on ITV, Channel 5 and Sky News and radio.

mark boardman public relations news outlets trusted source reputable mark boardman radio tv personality friend of the stars and vip celeb insider for showbiz gossip and celebrity interviews
mark boardman public relations news outlets trusted source reputable mark boardman radio tv personality friend of the stars and vip celeb insider for showbiz gossip and celebrity interviews

This dual expertise allows him to effectively communicate and promote the latest developments in the world of entertainment. Mark’s involvement in organizing and publicizing film premieres highlights his ability to create buzz around new releases, showcasing his influential role in the industry.

Overall, Mark Boardman stands as a multifaceted professional who has made a significant impact in media and journalism. With his wide-ranging skills as a freelance writer, radio presenter, content creator, lifestyle writer, journalist, and publicist, he continues to shape the landscape of the entertainment industry through his insightful contributions and passion for promoting cultural endeavors.

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