One Direction film promotional video for their new perfume

Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates have been trying out their best action hero impersonations as they film a promotional video for their new perfume.

Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are each thought to have pocketed £2million after their ‘Our Moment’ became one of the biggest selling scents last Christmas and hope to repeat that success with the new fragrance ‘That Moment’.

So to help sell their new release the boys have been filming a big budget video with a Mission: Impossible-style theme.

One Direction film a promotional video for their new perfume | MarkMeets News |

A source told the mirror: “The premise is that the boys are stealing the bottles of perfume from a vault – so they’re going to be dangling from the ceiling on wires with huge explosions going off around them.”

While the video will feature all five members of the band, the filmmakers are taking no chances with the safety of their stars – who start yet another world tour in less than a month.

“Every care is being taken to ensure the boys stay safe,” the insider added.

“There are specialists on hand to deal with the rigging and pyrotechnics, and stunt crash mats have been ordered.

“Producers have also hired stuntmen in case they’re needed to tackle some of the more dangerous bits. Nothing is being left to chance.”

Back in 2012, MarkMeets were broke the news that 1D were working on their debut fragrance!

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