Perrie Edwards undecided over bridesmaids

Perrie Edwards has scotched rumours that her Little Mix bandmates are going to be bridesmaids at her wedding to Zayn Malik.

It had been widely reported that the singer would be having her bandmates beside her when she walks down the aisle with the One Direction heartthrob.

Little Mix won't be bridesmaids at Perrie and Zayn’s wedding | MarkMeets Showbiz News |
Perrie told Now mag that she has yet to make a decision. How bizarre she has not asked the girls?

She is quoted as saying: “Who said they’re bridesmaids? They’re not even invited!”

“I think everyone just assumes, because we’re so close.

“I don’t know what’s going on [with the nuptials] yet.

“I’ve got such a big family, and I know every girl in my family is going to want to be bridesmaid.

“And most of my family are girls!”

However, Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne added: “It’s going to be the best wedding of all time!

“We’re so excited.”

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