Rooney’s son Kai prefers dancing to football

Coleen Rooney has revealed that her son Kai is more interested in dancing than football.

Her husband, the Manchester United and England forward Wayne, was hoping Kai would follow in his footsteps.

Rooney's son Kai prefers dancing to football | MarkMeets Celebrity Interview |
Coleen explained that the four-year-old is not interested in sports yet telling Cheshire Life magazine: “Kai isn’t much into sports at the moment, but he is always running around and likes to try new things.

“I know Wayne is looking to spot a few football skills in him, but at the moment he’s mainly into dancing.”

Coleen gave birth to her second son, Clay in May 2013 and she admitted that motherhood was a much more “relaxing experience” the second time round.

The model said: “You go through so many emotions with motherhood – it’s something you just cannot prepare for.

“Yes, it’s tiring, it’s hard work, but you get used to it and now I’ve had my second I’m much more relaxed with him being a baby.

“A lot of paranoia has gone, and that’s a natural progression for any mother, I think.”

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