Ryan Reynolds reveals beloved ’80s character ALF is returning to screens

Ryan Reynolds Brings Back Beloved ’80s Sitcom ALF

Ryan Reynolds, the popular actor and entrepreneur, is breathing new life into the beloved ’80s sitcom ALF. For those who may not recall, ALF, short for “alien life form,” was a mischievous and hilarious character who crash-landed into the garage of the Tanner family’s suburban home and spent a significant part of the four-year series trying to eat their family cat.

ALF Returns on Maximum Effort Channel

The iconic show, which originally aired from 1986 to 1990, is set to make a mini-comeback on Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Channel. The project, premiering on July 29, is a collaborative effort between Reynolds, ALF creator Paul Fusco, and Shout! Studios. The series, titled “Maximum Moments,” will feature old ALF re-runs along with segments and shorts promoting sponsored brands like Mint Mobile, Fubo, Hims, MNTN, and Ring.

Ryan Reynolds’ love for ALF growing up played a significant role in the show’s revival. He expressed his enthusiasm for taking risks and blurring the lines between shows and sponsorship, believing that both can be equally entertaining.

The Journey to ALF’s Revival

The idea of rebooting ALF has been circulating since 2022 when Shout! Studios announced plans to develop “new ALF-related content” and explore digital media initiatives. However, it wasn’t until February 2023 that they acquired the rights to ALF and began working on new related content.

Notably, this is not the first attempt to revive the much-loved series. Warner Bros had made an effort to bring back ALF in 2018, but unfortunately, the project did not progress beyond the initial stages and was eventually dropped due to the production company’s inability to find a suitable home for it.

More Revivals in the Pipeline

Ryan Reynolds seems to have a penchant for bringing nostalgic shows back to life. Apart from ALF, he has also revealed plans to reboot the cult 1990s cartoon “Biker Mice From Mars.” With Reynolds’ creative vision and determination, fans can expect an exciting revival of this beloved cartoon as well.

Stream ALF on Peacock and Amazon Prime

While waiting for the new series of ALF on Maximum Effort Channel, fans can currently enjoy the original show’s reruns. ALF is available to stream on popular platforms like Peacock and Amazon Prime, allowing both longtime fans and new audiences to experience the joy and laughter brought by this lovable alien character.


Ryan Reynolds’ passion for ALF and his innovative approach to blending entertainment and sponsorship have paved the way for a much-awaited revival of this classic ’80s sitcom. Fans of the mischievous alien can relive the nostalgia through the reruns on Peacock and Amazon Prime while eagerly anticipating the new series on the Maximum Effort Channel. Reynolds’ dedication to rebooting beloved shows like ALF and Biker Mice From Mars promises to bring cherished memories back to life for audiences old and new alike.

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