Sam Smith Admits Guys only want to date because of fame

Finding love hasn’t always been easy for the Too Good At Goodbyes singer, who split from American actor Brandon Flynn four years ago. ‘Some people will just date me to be mates. Or to meet me. It was very odd, and I was angry. I was like, “I’ve got enough friends, I’ve got beautiful friends!”’ Sam, 30, explained.

The writing was on the wall for Sam Smith when the superstar discovered guys were only dating them because of their fame.

The chart-topper channelled that frustration into a song on their album Gloria, out next Friday, called I’m Not Here To Make Friends.

However, it seems Sam may have finally got lucky after being spotted on a stroll with fashion designer Christian Cowan this week – fingers crossed he’s To Die For.

Oscar winner Sam, who came out as non-binary in 2019, also shared that they no longer party like they used to.

‘I used to love that thrill of going out and hoping that I’d meet “the guy” when out dancing. For me, going out has changed. Now, I go out purely to dance. It’s not about hooking up,’ Sam continued – revealing they have recently become hooked on a new hobby.

‘I do fish now, sometimes,’ they said. ‘I need help with it – like, if you gave me a rod, I couldn’t do it by myself. But I go on boats with other fishermen, and they teach me. I have fisherman friends!’

Sam added that they have plans to shell out on a loyal companion ‘I want a tortoise. I want it to be by my side when I pass into a new life,’ they gushed.

Sam Smith Admits To Getting Starstruck With Pop Divas

Sam Smith has pretty much seen and done it all. With a fourth studio album arriving later this month, the singer and songwriter already boasts four Grammys, three BRITs, an Oscar and a Golden Globe, No. 1s around the globe and a James Bond theme.

“If I see Rihanna or Madonna, I fall to the floor,” Smith said adding Lady Gaga to that starry list. Smith recounts the story of when they skipped school to watch Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour. They forged a letter from dad, and landed detention for, maybe, a week. Did the punishment fit the crime? Doesn’t matter. “It was so worth it,” Smith says.

Smith’s life has moved on from playing hooky. Last month, they were invited to the White House for a performance and a meet-and-greet following the signing of the historic Respect for Marriage Act into law, protecting same-sex and interracial marriages across the country.

On the day, Smith performed “Stay With Me,” and met with top brass. Kamala Harris “loved” their handbag, “they were all very sweet and kind to me and my team and everyone.”

As a Brit, Smith never dreamed of being in playing that particular venue. “It was such a beautiful day, such a beautiful step in the right direction for our community and I was just very honored.”

Smith was, of course, on the Tonight Show couch to talk about their new album Gloria, due out Jan. 27 via Capitol. Its title and title song, Smith explains, is about “a spirit inside of me that says to me, ‘you keep going. You’ve got this. Carry on’. It’s like a fighter spirit within me.”

Several songs from it have already dropped, including the hit “Unholy” with Kim Petras, and “Gimme,” with Koffee and Jessie Reyez. One more song with an “amazing” music video is coming soon. “I explode into glitter,” Smith quips.

Smith will hit the road this April for the start of a major tour in support of Gloria. More dates were added this week. But first, SNL this weekend – Smith’s first appearance as musical guest on the show in eight years. “I’m not as nervous. I was s—ing myself the first time,” they admit. “It’s the fourth time I’ve been there. I’m a bit more calm.”

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