Sam Smith talks about his life and song writing

Sam Smith believes he was born plagued by sadness because he’s always been attracted to sorrow and misery.

The 23-year-old singer has admitted he’s been plagued with misery his whole life because he’s always been attracted to sorrow.

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He explained to NME magazine: ”I’ve had an amazing life, but I think I was born with a little bit of sadness in me.

”I’ve always been attracted to those things, whether it’s sad movies, sad music… when you’re sad, you feel everything in a greater way than you do when you’re happy.

”I’m a vulnerable, sensitive person. I overthink everything.”

However, the ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ hitmaker believes his sense of sadness has kept him level-headed.

He added: ”I’m insanely self-conscious about my body, about my music, about everything in my life, and that self-consciousness is what’s keeping my feet on the ground at the moment. If I didn’t have it, I’d become a bit of a pr*ck. I’m thankful for my sadness.”

Meanwhile, Sam sparked controversy last year when he claimed he didn’t want to become a spokesman for the gay community but he has since backtracked on his comments.

He explained: ”I’m a gay man who came out when I was 10 years old, and there’s nothing in my life that I’m prouder of.”

He added: ”I want to be a spokesperson. I want to be a figure in the gay community, who speaks for gay men.

”I sell records in countries where gay men get killed and that’s a big thing for me, because maybe one person in that country will pick up my album, realise it’s by a gay artist, and it might change their opinion.”

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