Nathan Sykes discusses his solo album

Nathan Sykes on his debut solo album: ‘I’ve been sitting on it for a year’

22 year-old Former The Wanted star Nathan Sykes has revealed that he’s getting impatient to unveil his debut solo album now because it has been complete for around a year.

Nathan Sykes

During an interview with the BBC, the heartthrob opened up about his highly anticipated debut album and confessed that he has been sitting on it for a while now but the finishing touches are what took the most time:

“The single’s out on November 20th and the album’s out next year. I can’t wait for people to hear it. To be honest, I’ve probably been sat with the album for about a year now… finishing it up and getting production right, and mixing, takes time. I’m really excited.”

When asked if he will tour his new record, Sykes added: “Um… yeah, probably! At some point! Keep up to date on my Twitter and social media, and all the information will be there!”

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