Shape Your Personal Style With Celebrity Inspiration

Celebrities have shaped fashion trends for as long as human civilization and social hierarchies have existed. From ancient courts to modern catwalks, what the rich and powerful wear quickly rubs off on the rest of us.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the leading celebrity fashion influencers right now, and explore how their looks can influence us average consumers.

Kim Kardashian

She may now be in her 40s, but Kim Kardashian remains one of the world’s most well-known women, dominating the fields of fashion, entertainment and business more generally.

While you might not want to go as far as her new bleached eyebrow look, the rest of her wardrobe really has something for everyone.

From simple white t-shirt and high waisted stonewashed denim jean combos for everyday use, to super versatile spandex bodysuit plus black boot mash-ups that are great for day-to-night transitions, Kim has been rocking all sorts of styles that could inspire you too.

Dua Lipa

In the fashion world, the 90s is back, and one of the main proponents is British pop starlet Dua Lipa. During a recent chat show appearance, she wore furry boots, which ties into the broader popularity of fuzzy items that hark back to that bygone decade.

Miley Cyrus

Another singing celeb who’s all about throwback looks right now is Miley Cyrus, going back to her country roots with a recent spate of hairdos that make her look like a modern day Dolly Parton. That’s no surprise given that Parton is her godmother.

More recently, she’s jumped onstage in 90s-inspired fishnet catsuits, as well as latex jumpsuits in metallic colors. Not ideal for everyday wear, but perfect for special occasions if you’re feeling expressive.

Britney Spears

When it comes to Britney’s memorable fashion moments, there are almost too many to choose between. And of course since we’re turning back the clock to the 90s with modern trends, she’s more relevant than ever.

The blending of a cheeky nightwear top with a business-ready jacket is very much a signature of this era, and Spears herself has brought this back into the limelight recently with a few of her Instagram posts.

There’s also the bikini-as-an-outfit trend which she helped kickstart; just add knee-high boots and you’ve got a 60s-meets-90s summer mix that’s tough to beat.

Florence Pugh

As both a celebrated actress and budding fashion icon, Florence Pugh looks set to be a mainstay of Hollywood’s A-list for decades to come.

She’s also not been afraid to get people talking with some of her fashion choices, with her diaphanous dress from Valentino being an excellent recent example of a head-turning and contemporary take on some classic stylistic touches.

Pugh has also championed the return of pastel colors to the red carpets over the last couple of years, with pinks, peaches, powder blues and plenty of other soft hues turning up over time. So if you want a personal style that’s both bold and subtle at once, this is a celeb to keep on your radar.

Jessica Chastain

Jumpsuits and trousers are in right now, especially if you’re a woman in your 30s or 40s and you want something that’s comfortable, practical and looks great in lots of contexts.

Jessica Chastain is just the latest celebrity to sport this look, and it fits in with her generally sensible-yet-still-showing stylistic sensibility.

She’s the thinking person’s celebrity idol, with her stellar performances on the silver screen underpinning her calm and collected real-life persona. And for those with paler complexions, she shows that you don’t have to shy away from big-hitting colors.

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