Simon Helberg Shares his Thoughts on his The Big Bang Theory character hair And Wardrobe

Simon Helberg is an actor known for his portrayal of Howard Wolowitz, his net worth is estimated to be $50 million as of 2023.

Simon Helberg is an American actor and comedian. He was born on December 9, 1980, in Los Angeles, California. Helberg is best known for his role as Howard Wolowitz on the popular television sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” which aired from 2007 to 2019. His character, Howard, is an aerospace engineer and a lovable nerd who is part of the show’s core group of friends.

Before his breakthrough role on “The Big Bang Theory,” Simon Helberg had appeared in various television shows and films, including “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” and “A Serious Man.” He has also made appearances on comedy shows like “MADtv” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

In addition to his acting work, Helberg is also a talented pianist and has displayed his musical abilities on multiple occasions, both on-screen and off. He has been nominated for several awards for his portrayal of Howard Wolowitz and has received critical acclaim for his comedic timing and portrayal of the character’s unique quirks.

Whether it be a guest-star like Laura Spencer, or a series regular like Kaley Cuoco, both the stars would name Simon Helberg who spent 12 seasons as Howard, however as we’re going to reveal in the following, he wasn’t always completely sold on the role and almost passed on the opportunity.

We’ll take a look at why he almost rejected the role, while also taking a closer look at the struggles pertaining to his wardrobe. According to Helberg, fitting into the jeans was no easy task, and neither was prepping his hair before every show.

By the end of it, we’re going to reveal Helberg’s true feelings pertaining to his wardrobe, and why he felt a sense of relief about it later on.

Simon Helberg’s Wardrobe Preparation To Play Howard Wasn’t Easy, And His Hair Was Completely Real And Not A Wig

Whether it be the main cast or guest-star, Simon Helberg’s name usually comes up as the funniest of The Big Bang Theory cast. In truth, the show wouldn’t be the same without his portrayal of Howard. However, the actor revealed alongside THR that he almost skipped out on the opportunity given that he was on another show at the time, and content with his circumstances.

“I remember almost not going in because I was working on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and it was the beginning of pilot season. I was working with a great group of people and loved this pilot.”

“I read Big Bang the year before — they shot it twice — and read it the first year. I thought, “Why are they doing this again?” There was a new character and it was great but I was on Studio 60 and my agents had to talk me into going.”

Helberg landed the role, and let’s just say his wardrobe was certainly unique. Though the actor did admit fitting into the skinny jeans was quite the task.

“I often need assistance getting in & out of those pants. Luckily there are well-paid women to help. Lucky for them,” the actor said.

The actor would also reveal that his hair was in fact real and not a wig. Simon would use a flat-iron before every episode to get that signature Howard-look for the show.

Simon Helberg Wasn’t A Fan Of His Wardrobe On The Big Bang Theory, And Was Happy When It Started To Change In The Later Season

The actor revealed that he was not a fan of his wardrobe and style on the show. Though Helberg revealed that Howard’s style did tone down in the later seasons, thankfully for his sake.

“Well, mostly it’s just intensely wrong! [Laughs] I used to describe it as Mick Jagger-meets-Mr. Furley and I think that’s still pretty much true today, though perhaps he has toned it down a bit. This is definitely a characteristic of Howard that I’m keen to keep firmly within the confines of the show—I’m not a fan of tight leather pants!”

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Helberg doesn’t have the fondest memories of Howard’s storylines at the start of the show either. Helberg was much more pleased with the direction of his character once he met Bernadette – which played out as a much tamer version of Howard.

Simon Helberg Revealed His Howard Character Didn’t Follow Him In The Real World

Playing a role for so long, it can be hard to detach from that character when you’re finally off the set. However, despite his 12 season run on the show, the actor admitted to never having a hard time detaching from Howard once he left the set stage.

“Thankfully, not too much! But there are definitely occasions when I find myself engaging in some “Howardisms.” Like when I’m sitting around playing board games, eating takeout and making sarcastic comments … And then I’m like, “Hey, this isn’t meant to be happening, I’m meant to be cooler than that guy!”

As far as his success goes, Helberg credited The Big Bang Theory writing team. He also made note that some moments in the show coincided perfectly with his real life. For example, Bernadette getting pregnant took place at the same moment as his wife Jocelyn getting pregnant.

“We have some fantastic writers on the show that we are very grateful for and who definitely know our strengths as actors. There is also a chicken-and-egg thing going on,” Helberg reveals with Da Man.

“For example, when Howard was getting married to Bernadette on the show, my actual wife Jocelyn was pregnant, so there have been a few things like that, which just seemed to fit.”

A unique experience for Helberg on the sitcom, and the actor continues to enjoy success since the series came to an end.

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