So what happens backstage at Strictly Come Dancing

The Strictly Come Dancing professionals what the fans want to know!!

For those lucky enough to get their hands on one, it not only gives them the chance to see those show-stopping routines up close, but you also uncover plenty of juicy backstage secrets.
More than five million people apply to be in the audience for Strictly Come Dancing, making it the hottest ticket in town for TV fans.

  1. Strictly is filmed at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood on the iconic George Lucas Stage, where the original Star Wars movies were filmed.
  2. The studio is just a stone’s throw from where the now-demolished Big Brother house used to be, and the stage used to act as the interview area for Davina McCall to chat to evicted housemates when the show aired on Channel 4.
  3. The studio can only accommodate around 700 people, which is why competition for tickets is so tough.
  4. There is also a backstage VIP marquee, where all the contestants’ family and friends, production guests and any members of the press are held prior to the show.
  5. In the bar, guests can buy a drink, have their photos taken against the Strictly photo boards or watch last week’s episode on various monitors throughout the marquee.
  6. Every single audience member must hand in their phone before they enter the studio, which is why you hardly ever see pictures of the public in the ballroom or on the dancefloor.
  7. There’s a warm-up guy who keeps the audience entertained before all the action starts, and pops up at other various points during the evening.
  8. Tess and Claudia come onto the set about 20 minutes before the live show starts to rehearse their opening link and record some trailers.
  9. The judges actually give their scores prior to giving any feedback to the contestants. They have a little keypad on their desks where they input their marks, so the graphics department know what they will award prior to them holding up their paddles.
  10. There are many celebrities in the audience, and they often get shuffled around for shots to film next to Tess Daly, before returning to their original seat when the link is done.

Strictly Come Dancing bosses want to return filming to Blackpool.


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