Susan Boyle: ‘I blame my fame and fortune for tearing my family apart’

SUSAN Boyle has called herself “the bad one” after blaming herself for a feud that has erupted within her family.

According to the Britain’s Got Talent star’s brother Gerry, Susan poured her heart out to him one day after hitting breaking point.

Susan Boyle: 'I blame my fame and fortune for tearing my family apart'

The 52-year-old’s once close-knit family has split into two separate groups after becoming embroiled in a bitter dispute about the singer’s fame and fortune.

Gerry told the Sunday Mirror: “All I ever waned was for the family to be close. What can I do to put it right? It’s all my fault. Tell me, what can I do?”

He added: “It is a really nasty situation and lots of people have been very hurt over the years.

“Susan is stuck right in the middle of it and it breaks my heart seeing her so upset. But the reality is that the family is now so broken I don’t know if we’ll ever get it back.”

The feud is said to have started shortly after Susan shot to worldwide fame on 2009’s Britain’s Got Talent, with Gerry, their elder sister Mary and brother John in one corner and sister Bridie, nephew Alan and nieces Joanne, Jaqueline and Kirsty on the other.

It is said that the two groups cannot even stand to be in the same room as one another.

“Susan always feels she needs to keep everyone happy by telling them what they want to hear. She doesn’t like confrontation,” he added.

Gerry decided to speak out after his nephew Alan recently claimed that he had tried to blackmail Susan.

Alan claimed that Gerry threatened to commit suicide if his sister did not give him £50,000 to save his company from going bankrupt.

However, Gerry revealed that Susan actually offered him the money without him asking and made up the suicide claims after her family found out about her generous offer.

“She came over for dinner last Sunday, as she often does, and I had to say something. I wanted to know why she had said those things to other family members.

“But she instantly broke down crying and said the suicide claims were a pack of lies. She said she was sorry – not just for me but for the whole family rift.

“It was hard to see how upset she was so I tried to make her laugh but there was no getting away from it. I never went to her home or approached her for the money.

“She knows better than anyone that I would never commit suicide – that’s ­ridiculous. But when my sister Bridie and nephew Alan started asking questions she felt she needed to give a reason why she gave me the cash and not them.

Gerry said of Susan, who went public last month about her battle with Asperger’s: “She had this dream and always thought that singing for a living and being rich and famous would make us all happy but it didn’t work out like that.

“It has ripped us apart as a family and I can see no real way back. That’s why Susan has reached tipping point.”

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