Taylor Momsen loves New York

Taylor Momsen says NY gives her the”grit” she needs in her life.

The Pretty Reckless singer tries to stay out of the limelight by living in New York where she can ”hide” and claims she has never really ”cared” about mixing with celebrities.

Taylor Momsen loves New York | MarkMeets News |
”I’m actually quite shy and introverted – I’m not one to go out much. I’ll have a beer or something or a glass of wine she told bandshowbiz

”I’m a writer, I’m very neurotic, I like to be alone with my thoughts. Everyone in New York has the mentality of, ‘Mind your own s**t, mind your own business’, it’s a little easier to get away with hiding.

”But every time I get to California, I’m like, ‘Why don’t I live here, the weather is amazing, everything is pretty’.

”Then after two weeks, I get back to New York and I’m like, ‘That’s why … I need a bit of grit in my life’. I even miss the smell of p**s on the street.”


Although the 20-year-old star – whose new album ‘Going to Hell’ is out now – is more focused on music than partying these days, the former Gossip Girl star has hung out with Lindsay Lohan in the past but claims she has never tried to give her life advice.

She said: ”I know Lindsay, I’ve hung out with her a couple of times, she’s a super sweetheart, I know she gets a bad rep, but it’s entertainment, if she’s not in some sort of controversy it wouldn’t be entertaining for people.

”I’m not one to give her advice, I haven’t seen her in a couple of years but I wish her the best.”

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