The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Reveals The Role Of Elena Doomed Her Relationship In A New Interview

Although Nina Dobrev is happily in love and currently dating Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, she’s certainly had other high-profile relationships going back to her days as a co-lead in The Vampire Diaries. But we’re not talking about Ian Somerhalder in this case, as the actress recently talked about the romantic relationship she was in at the time she landed the Elena Gilbert role, and how it clearly wasn’t meant to be.

Nina Dobrev was the latest guest on the iHeart Radio podcast XOXO with Jessica Szohr, whose host is a fellow CW vet for her time on Gossip Girl. The actresses chatted about their time on the network, Dobrev’s upcoming projects, their lifelong friendship, and of course, The Vampire Diaries. When the topic of auditions came up, Szohr asked about Dobrev going through chemistry reads when it came to the difficult process of casting the supernatural drama’s male leads. Dobrev discussed meeting with potential Damons and Stefans, and explained how her boyfriend at the time even auditioned for Damon, but he was no Ian Somerhalder:

So I was the choice, but then they were auditioning all these guys, and we thought we got close with a bunch of them. In fact, weirdly enough, I was dating one of them; one of the Damons was my boyfriend at the time. And then they were gonna choose him, but they ended up not choosing him, but I got cast. Then it got awkward, and we broke up.

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