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Pokémon Trading Card Game is huge and cards can be worth a fortune but which characters are cutest

One of the world’s most popular franchises of all time, Pokémon has amassed multiple avenues—from a beloved anime to a gaming phenomenon to the most adorable merchandise, including Funko Pop Vinyls and plushies. From the well-anticipated release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet to the iconic news that Ash Ketchum finally reached his goal of becoming the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer, the support for Pokémon is eternal. Captured in the memories of original viewers and players to newcomers to the Pokémon world through the globally successful launch of the mobile app Pokémon GO, the franchise shows no signs of disappearing into a void of distant memories.

Over 900 Pokémon make up the Pokédex entries, ranging across (soon-to-be) nine generations of the game series. Of that, there are 18 types of Pokémon, ranging from elemental properties of Fire and Ice to more paranormal Ghost and Psychic-types, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. With the franchises’ humble beginning in 1996, fans have each developed their favorite Pokémon for reasons of nostalgia, for their abilities, or their looks. From Pikachu—the metonym for Pokémon— to the fan-favorite fluff ball Eevee, here are some Pokémon so cute, you’ll never want them to evolve!

10 Pikachu

The face of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu, is an Electric-type, measuring 40 centimeters tall. To allude to its electricity-inspired abilities, Pikachu was designed to be a bright yellow creature that resembles a mouse with a bolt-shaped tail. Pikachu evolves from the smaller Pichu and, in its final form, becomes Raichu—a powerful mouse whose long tail protects itself from its damaging voltage.

Charged with static electricity, Pikachu can cause paralysis during a battle, being particularly effective against Water and Flying-type Pokémon but weak against Ground-types. With bright red cheeks that charge electricity, Pikachu became the franchise’s mascot because of its cuteness.

9 Emolga

Like a flying squirrel, Emolga is an Electric/Flying-type Pokémon that does not evolve. Inspired by rodents, Emolga has white, black, and yellow coloring, with rounded ears and membrane that spread from its arms and torso. Like Pikachu, Emolga generates electricity from the rounds of its yellow cheeks, discharging it as it glides in the air.

The Pokémon’s weaknesses are Ice and Rock-types while resisting Fighting, Grass, Flying, Steel, and Bug-types. Introduced in Gen 5, Emolga is known to be a cute but deadly Pokémon.

8 Piplup

A starter Pokémon, Piplup is a Water-type that is caught predominantly male. A light blue, yellow, and white colored penguin, Piplup, has a short beak and two white ovals on its chest, with fur so thick that it insulates the Pokémon from cold climates.

Piplup’s greatest wins will involve Rock, Ground, and Fire-type Pokémon, and succumb to its weakness against Grass and Electric-types. With the ability of Torrent, all Water-type moves will increase in power by 50% when there’s a third of the Pokémon’s hp left. The waddling little penguin doesn’t stay cute forever, evolving into Prinplup and then Empoleon.

7 Deerling

Resembling a fawn, Deerling is a sweet-looking Pokémon who is a dual Normal/Grass-type. Deerling’s coloring is unique to the season depicted in the games and series, with its beige legs and yellow highlights accompanied by a pink body in Spring, a green body in Summer, a rusty orange in Autumn, and a light brown color in Winter.

Deerling is most effective against Ground, Water, Grass, and Electric-types and weak against Ice, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Poison, and Bug-types. The Pokémon, introduced in Gen 5, evolves into the larger buck-inspired Sawsbuck.

6 Squirtle

Squirtle is a Water-type Pokémon who has been a part of the franchise since the first generation. As a Water-type, Squirtle is weak to Grass and Electric-types while being incredibly effective against Pokémon who are Fire, Ground, and Rock-types.

A little turtle-esque Pokémon that walks on two legs, Squirtle is light blue with a brown shell that is yellow on the underside and evolves into Wartortle and then Blastoise in its final form. Drawing its neck into its hardy shell, Squirtle can launch water attacks such as Water Gun with great power and accuracy.

5 Sprigatito

Available as a starter in the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games, Sprigatito is a Grass-type Pokémon. Taking form as a fluffy light green cat, Sprigatito has brighter green colors on its pointed ears, fluff on its chest, and a green-leaf shape across its face.

With the ability of Overgrow, Sprigatito can power up all of their grass moves when their HP gets low in a battle. As a Grass-type Pokémon, Sprigatito is effective against Water, Rock, and Ground-types but not so much against Ice, Flying, Poison, and Fire-types. Due to the pending release of the games, information regarding Sprigatito’s evolutions is yet to be officially confirmed.

4 Jigglypuff

Pink, puffy, and adorable: Jigglypuff is another iconic Pokémon within the franchise who is often included in merchandise alongside Pikachu. Having a round, ballon-like shape, Jigglypuff has pointed ears with a tuff of curls in between them, with overbearingly large blue eyes. The light pink Pokémon utilizes its cuteness with its ability to fill its body with air to lull drowsiness in its opponent.

Once a Normal-type in Gen 1, the Pokémon became a Normal/Fairy-type in Gen 6, which is weak to Steel and Poison-types, while being able to hold a battle against Bug, Dragon, Ghost, and Dark-types. Jigglypuff originates from Igglybuff and eventually evolves into Wigglytuff when exposed to a Moon Stone.

3 Amaura

Amaura is a Rock/Ice-type Pokémon character who resembles a long-necked dinosaur. With a light blue body that holds a dark blue crystal on each side, a white tummy, and a stubby tail, Amaura is a cute Pokémon who has pink and yellow “sails” above its striking blue eyes, looking like a large pair of eyelashes! The light blue body turns white in its shiny form, and its eyes become a greener-toned blue.

Introduced in Gen 6, Amaura is revived from a Sail Fossil and will eventually evolve into the mighty Aurorus. The Pokémon is strong against Normal, Flying, Poison, and Ice-types but will take a lot of damage from those of Fighting, Ground, Rock, Steel, Grass, and Water-types.

2 Tepig

One of the starter options in both versions of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, Tepig is a Fire-type who, axiomatically, looks like a piglet. Tepig evolves to Pignite at level 17 and the macho Emboar at level 36, where both evolutions transform the Pokémon into a dual Fire/Fighting-type.

Tepig is a hefty round shape, colored in an appropriate fiery red-orange, with brown ears, eyes, and feet. At the end of its curly tail sits a red ball that glows when using fire attacks. In battle, Tepig is resistant to the moves of Bug, Fairy, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Ice-types, but is pretty weak against Pokémon who are Ground, Rock, or Water-types.

1 Eevee

It would be a crime without mentioning the ever-lasting love for little Eevee! With its design similar to a household pet, Eevee is a normal-type Pokémon who is brown and tan all over, with tuffs of fluff and a bushy tail, presumably earning its cuteness through its animalistic look that fans can associate with cats or dogs.

Eevee is weak against Fighting-types, but can hold its own in battles against Ghost-types. Existing since Gen 1, Eevee has a unique genetic code that allows the Pokémon to evolve in more ways than the general Pokémon population, each with a unique type: Vaporeon (Water), Jolteon (Electric), Flareon (Fire), Espeon (Psychic), Umbreon (Dark), Leafeon (Grass), Glaceon (Ice), and finally, Sylveon (Fairy).

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