Top Notch Celebrities with Absurdly Expensive Watches

Top Notch Celebrities with Absurdly Expensive Watches

Floyd Mayweather has a net worth of more than $500 million. So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to hear that he has purchased a few pricey watches over the course of his boxing career.

But what is surprising is the sheer number of absurdly expensive watches that Mayweather owns. He showed off his watch collection on Instagram earlier this year, and it includes more than 40 watches in total. They range from “Oh, that looks nice” to “OMG, that watch costs how much?!?”

There aren’t many celebrities out there who have watch collections that can compete with what Mayweather keeps in his stash. But there are some who have spent a pretty penny on expensive watches.

Check out what a few of these celebs have been spotted sporting on their wrists below.

Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone has been making movies for almost 50 years now. From Rambo to Rocky, he has appeared in a number of classic films and has made a lot of money while doing it.

As a result, it’s rare to see him step out without one of his expensive watches on. He has a Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante, for example, that is worth more than most people’s cars.

From a distance, the watch might not immediately catch your eye. But it has a gorgeous dial that’s covered with an anti-reflective glass that makes it durable. It also has a beautiful leather strap and a buckle with the Panerai logo on it.

All told, the special edition watch is worth about $20,000. It’s one of many watches that Stallone wears on a regular basis.

Sofia Vergara

Although most people are familiar with Vergara thanks to her role on the hit TV show, Modern Family, she’s done a whole lot more than just appear on that show throughout her acting career. She’s also appeared in dozens of movies and other TV shows.

This has helped her turn herself into one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. It has also helped her score some expensive watches over the years.

She seems to favor Rolexes and has been seen wearing the iconic Rolex Daytona on numerous occasions. Her $37,450 watch is made out of 18-carat yellow gold and features a breathtaking black dial, a tachymeter engraved bezel, and an Oysterlock bracelet.

If you love Rolexes as much as Vergara does, shop these watches today to pick out one for yourself.

Roger Federer

Over the course of his legendary tennis career, Federer has lifted his fair share of trophies. And when he has, he’s shown that like Sofia Vergara, he’s a big Rolex fan.

He has been seen wearing Rolexes like the Rolex Sky-Dweller that he wore during the 2017 Australian Open. It costs almost $15,000 and is regarded as one of the most complicated Rolex watches on the market today.

Federer has also worn other Rolexes as well as other expensive watches manufactured by other well-known watch brands.


NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. has made headlines several times in recent weeks after rocking expensive Richard Mille watches on the football field during warmups and games. But he’s far from the only Richard Mille fan around!

Singer Seal is also a big supporter of the Swiss watchmaking brand. He owns at least one Richard Mille gold watch that is worth almost $500,000.

Seal bought the RM057 Tourbillon Dragon by Richard Mille, which was inspired by Jackie Chan. It’s a limited edition watch with a clear dial that shows off a gold dragon.

Charlie Sheen

Back in 2010, Sheen lost a Patek Philippe watch that was worth almost $200,000. It went missing while he was staying in a hotel in New York City.

But thankfully, that wasn’t the only Patek Philippe watch that Sheen owned. In fact, he owns a collection of watches that was once valued at over $5 million.

After his watch went missing, he was quick to replace it with a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 2438 watch. It’s one of the rarer Patek Philippe watches and is said to be worth about $700,000.

Angelina Jolie

Charlie Sheen might be the biggest Patek Philippe fanatic as far as celebrities are concerned. But he’s obviously not the only celeb with a Patek Philippe watch in his collection.

Jolie also has at least one. She probably doesn’t wear it much anymore since it was an engagement gift from her now-ex-husband Brad Pitt. But it’s a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater that was the first Patek Philippe watch ever made exclusively for women.

The watch features a gold and mother-of-pearl dial and is worth nearly $400,000.

Jay Z

Over the years, Jay Z and Beyoncé have spent a ridiculous amount of money on one another. From cars to jets to a private island (yes, a private island!), the power couple has spared no expense while giving gifts to each other.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a huge shock to hear that Beyoncé once splurged on a watch for Jay Z for his 43rd birthday. And of course, it wasn’t just any old watch!

Beyoncé gave Jay Z a Hublot Big Bang watch that features almost 1,300 diamonds set in 18-carat white gold. It set her back about $5 million—or about $1 million more than the private island we referenced earlier.

Famous People Sure Do Love Expensive Watches, Don’t They?

For the average person, spending more than $100 or so on a watch might sound absurd. But for celebrities, expensive watches sort of just come with the territory.

There aren’t a lot of celebrities spending tens of millions of dollars on watches like Floyd Mayweather. But there are plenty of them who don’t think twice when it comes to spending a few hundred thousand dollars on a watch.

Take a look at your favorite celebrity’s wrist the next time you see them pop up on a red carpet. There is a good chance that you’ll see them wearing a watch that is worth more than almost anything that you own.

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