What Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Net Worth ?

Sarah Michelle Gellar is undoubtedly a popular culture icon due to her icon role as Buffy Summers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Although the show ended almost 20 years ago, the supernatural show still has a loyal base and its influence can be still seen on TV and in movies.

The iconic ’90s role saw Gellar earning an incredible $100,000 per episode, which was raised to $350,000 per episode for the final season.

Gellar is estimated to have a net worth of $30 million, which has come from Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well as other film and TV projects, brand partnerships and cooking projects.

Gellar is back on our screen again in Wolf Pack, but how has the actress maintained her net worth since the iconic TV show ended in 2003?

9 Sarah Michelle Gellar Writes Cookbooks

Sarah Michelle Gellar has turned her passion for cooking into an enterprise. In 2015, she launched Foodstirs, six-ingredient baking kits designed to be used with kids. “My goal is to create memorable experiences in the kitchen,” she says. A portion of the proceeds went to charity.

“It’s quality time we wouldn’t get if I prepared meals while they watched TV in another room. I love every minute in the kitchen with my kids, even the mess (I’ve learned to embrace it!).”

In 2017, she launched a cookbook, Stirring Up Fun With Food, filled with easy recipes for edible projects.

8 Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Done Lots Of Voice Work

Asides from starring in live-action movies and TV series, Sarah Michelle Gellar has maintained her net worth with voice acting. Some of her best-known voice acting roles include the terrifying Seventh Sister in Star Wars Rebels, and Netflix‘s animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

In the 2007 CGI iteration of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gellar voices the Turtles’ human friend, April O’Neil.

7 What Did Sarah Michelle Gellar Star In After Buffy?

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s career has never hit its 1990’s heyday, although she has consistently worked.

After Buffy ended, she reprised her role as Daphne in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. She also appeared in the horror remake The Grudge (and its sequel), playing Karen Davis, an exchange student living and working in Tokyo who becomes exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse.

Gellar starred in Richard Kelly’s much-panned Southland Tales (2006) as an adult film star working on creating a reality television show.

She went back to TV, playing the lead in Ringer, which was canceled despite positive reviews. In 2022, she made her first film appearance in 13 years with brief roles in Clerks III and Do Revenge.

6 Robin Williams Forced Sarah Michelle Gellar To Evaluate Her Life

Sarah Michelle Gellar joined the cast of the TV sitcom, The Crazy Ones as the on-screen daughter of Robin Williams. “I think a lot of people see Robin Williams, and they think it’s going to be a Robin Williams shtick. But I think it truly is an ensemble,” Gellar told CBS. “… This is the best job I’ve ever had to give me the opportunity to be creative and to show my children good work ethic,” the actor added.

Williams died in the summer of 2014, and the tragic news forced the actress to re-evaluate her career. “I’ve been working my entire life … there was just so much going on in my life and I just said, ‘I need to take a break,'”.

Looking back, the Cruel Intentions star said it was the right decision to pause her acting career. “I needed that break to be the parent that I wanted to be.”

5 What Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Done With Her Money

Despite her net worth and residuals, Sarah Michelle Gellar is frugal with her earnings. The actress has been open about her love for a good deal and likes to shop using coupons. “Like, if there’s a coupon there, I’m going to use it. Just because you’re successful doesn’t mean that you should be errant in your spending,” she explained.

“I still don’t like writing big checks, I don’t like making big purchases,”. “I will go back and stare at a leather jacket for a couple of days before I even purchase it.”

4 Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Done Charity Work

Sarah Michelle Gellar has explained that her mother taught her how important it is to give back to the community. Despite her net worth, she doesn’t believe in hoarding her wealth and prefers to use her fame for good. The New Yorker has joked that she works as an actress to support her philanthropy habit because she’s “not rich enough to have her own foundation.”

The actress is a CARE Ambassador and has visited their girls’ education programs in Guatemala and Tanzania, as well as attended events in the US. She has also worked with the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Habitat for Humanity and has delivered meals to vulnerable people via Project Angel Food.

3 Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Long Lasting Marriage To Freddie Prinze Jr

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar are one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples, with their 20-year marriage.

The pair met in 1997 when they were filming the teen horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, and they started dating in 2000. They tied the knot the following year, and they have since welcomed Charlotte Grace and Rocky.

When asked what the secret to their marriage was, Prinze was hesitant to answer. “I hesitate at giving [relationship] advice because what’s good for me may kill another, just like peanut butter,” he adding: “My mum was a chef and I learned how to cook, and I married someone who couldn’t cook. So I’m necessary. She needs me to live and sustain herself!” he joked.

Sarah previously opened up about the secret to their successful marriage, “Take the ten minutes – put the phone down. Have a cup of coffee together. Walk the dog at the end of the night. Read a story with your kids.”

2 Sarah Michelle Gellar Revisits The Supernatural Genre With Wolf Pack

20 years after leaving Sunnydale and its monsters behind, Sarah Michelle Gellar is revisiting the genre with Wolf Pack. From the creator of Teen Wolf Jeff Davis, Gellar plays an arson investigator, who is sent to investigate the aftermath of a California wildfire and a group of teenagers who were involved.
“To come back, to get projects made, you have to pay homage to what you’re known for,” she explained. “If I do things that speak to the fan base — which I think these will — and gather some new people along the way, maybe I branch out again. It’s not a next act for me, but it’s certainly a new chapter.

1 Sarah Michelle Gellar Wants To Create A Better Working Environment.

What has changed for Sarah Michelle Gellar this time? She wants to create safer sets than those she experienced growing up on sets. She also wants to be valued for the discipline that sometimes earned her the “difficult” layer when she was younger.

“It’s not about finding my voice,” she says. “It’s about learning how to use it … and using it in the right way.”

Joss Whedon, the showrunner on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, has been criticized for creating a toxic environment. Gellar won’t talk about it, unlike her co-stars “I’ll never tell my full story because I don’t get anything out of it. I’ve said all I’m going to say because nobody wins. Everybody loses,” she has said.

She has taken her producer credit on Wolf Pack seriously. “I hope that I’ve set up an infrastructure, a safety net for these actors that I didn’t have,”. “My generation just didn’t have that.”

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