When does Taskmaster return for series 13?

As previously revealed, the contestants for series 13 will be Ardal O’Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love and Sophie Duker. Greg Davies and sidekick – and series creator Alex Horne – will of course be back too.

The launch of series 13 also coincides with  the unveiling of a Taskmaster app; a show companion where viewers can watch the show on TV and score along at home.

The app also features the Taskmaster Academy with quizzes from every series of the show, group and solo tasking games, and a Jukebox featuring all of the music from the show.

Earlier this month, the show became one of the first to launch its own streaming service.

Taskmaster will return tomorrow night!

“Survival for this courageous quintet will depend on their abilities to paint perfectly with their lips, effectively wrangle a cement mixer and chase Alex around a tree while he’s pedalling a tricycle,” the description for this season teases.

“Should they impress the Taskmaster, he will reward them with points and the occasional admiring word. But should they stumble or show any kind of weakness… he’ll scent blood and pounce on them like a puma. (Metaphorically).”

Once again presented by Greg Davies and ‘little’ Alex Horne, the latest cast of famous faces was unveiled all the way back in November, so no doubt they’ll be chomping at the bit to see how ridiculous they look doing the challenges.

Enter Ardal O’Hanlon (Death in Paradise), Judi Love (Loose Women), Chris Ramsey (The Chris Ramsey Show), Bridget Christie (Ghosts) and Sophie Duker (Live at the Apollo).

Taskmaster series 13 premieres Thursday, April 14 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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