Which celebrity did not know Bryan Adams has two careers, music and photography?

Moby had “no idea” Bryan Adams was both a singer and photographer.

The ‘Run To You’ singer is just as well known for his camera work as his hit songs these days, but when he was in charge of a photoshoot involving the ‘Play’ hitmaker, Moby just assumed he shared the same name and an uncanny likeness to the chart star.

But rather than being offended, Bryan found Moby’s reaction “the best compliment”.

Bryan said: “I remember I was photographing Moby and he said to me, ‘You know what, you even look a little like the singer.’

“It was the best compliment. Even some of my fellow musicians had no idea who I was.”

The 62-year-old star believes music and photography complement one another perfectly.

He explained “Image creates perception and awareness.

“That’s why so much emphasis is placed on image. Some artists have stylists who create things for each event they attend.

“I really loved Billie Eilish’s green hair; what a great idea, so unique, so identifiable, so considered. And the list of things like that is long.

“I believe music and image are intrinsically intertwined.”

And Bryan sees similarities in both of his professions because of the creative output.

He said: “The best parallel might be that both start with nothing and at the end of the day you have something.”

The ‘Heaven’ hitmaker is very excited about a recent project with rockers Rammstein.

He said: “I just worked with Rammstein for their new album and it was incredibly exciting to see it all come together. Pure magic.”


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