Which Stephen King Book Should Be Adapted Into A Movie?

While it’s true that more than 90 Stephen King film and television adaptations have been produced and released since the mid-1970s, the wild additional truth is that not every King book has been given a live-action treatment. Some projects are announced but are never able to escape development hell, and other works don’t even get that far. One novel that fits into this category is 1995’s Rose Madder – and the author seems to think that’s a shame, as he thinks it could be source material for a “great movie.”

With the latest Stephen King adaptation, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, having hit Netflix this past week, the author was interviewed by Tudum (opens in new tab) and asked about books of his that haven’t been optioned. It was the aforementioned Rose Madder that he namedropped, and added that he sees it as a novel that could have potential if brought to the big screen. Said King,

I don’t think anybody ever optioned Rose Madder, which I thought would’ve made a great movie.

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