Which ‘Still Game’ star influenced Robin Williams’ iconic Mrs Doubtfire accent?

STILL GAME star Paul Riley has told a radio show that he played his part in one of Hollywood’s most beloved characters.

Paul William Riley is a Scottish actor and comedian. He is best known for his role as Winston Ingram in the Scottish sitcom, Still Game. The actor, who played Winston Ingram for nine series, appeared on Grado and Gary Muircroft’s show on Go Radio last week.

Riley revealed that the reason that Robin Williams’ character Mrs Doubtfire has a Scottish accent is because of the influence that he and fellow Still Game star Gavin Mitchell had on the star.

The film stars Williams as a crossdressing father who dresses up as a nanny in order to see his children.

However, Riley told Go Radio listeners that it could have been different had Williams not played the main role in Bill Forsyth’s 1994 film Being Human.

Host Grado asks: “I didn’t know you worked on a film with Robin Williams?”

The 53-year-old said: “I did aye, myself and Gavin Mitchell.

“It’s surreal even now thinking about it to be honest.

“We did this movie, Bill Forsyth wrote and directed it and there were about 12 of us.

“We were all playing cavemen, so this was the best gig in the world.

“There were no lines to learn, you were just making it up and just grunting and groaning.

“Robin Williams was one of the cavemen and we came and stole his wife and kids, that was basically it.

“It took two weeks to film, and he was the loveliest man he really was, absolutely amazing.

“When we did that movie right – it was called Being Human – because he worked with Bill Forsyth and us for two weeks and then another three months.

“The next movie he did after that was Mrs Doubtfire and that’s why Mrs Doubtfire has a Scottish accent.”

Grado and Muircroft are taken aback by the actor’s revelation, replying in disbelief: “You’re joking, that’s a great story.”

However, Grado questions the legitimacy of the character who is portrayed as an English nanny.

He ponders: “I’ve always wondered that because they do say she’s English in the film and you’re going ‘but that’s a Scottish accent?’”

Riley says: “In fact, I’m claiming it, I told him he needed to go Scottish no matter what his next movie is.”

Being Human was released in 1994 starring Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle.

Despite the host of now-heavyweight actors, the film was one of the worst performing of the year, grossing approximately £4m against its over £32m cost.

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