Woody Harrelson would love to make Zombieland 3

Woody Harrelson hopes to make a third ‘Zombieland’ film as he enjoys working with co-stars such as Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone

At 60-years-of age the actor appeared in the 2009 zombie comedy flick and its 2019 sequel ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ as Tallahassee and revealed that he would love to return for another movie with stars such as Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone

Woody Harrelson wants to make a third ‘Zombieland’ film.

The franchsie starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin as survivors of a zombie apocalypseas have so far taken over 200 million USD at the box office.

Woody who has a net worth of $70 million now admits: “Well, I would love that, because that whole group there is about as fun as it gets.

“I love working with these guys. I can’t even tell you how much, a lot. So, yeah. From your lips to God’s ears, I hope that happens.”

Woody will portray the psychotic serial killer Cletus Kasady/ Carnage, the main antagonist in the superhero sequel ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’, and revealed that he used his experience of playing murderer Mickey Knox in the 1994 movie ‘Natural Born Killers’ before taking on the role.

He explained: “Normally, I would (research the role), where I would study different serial killers and try to get my head around it.

“But fortunately, I had done that years before, whatever, 10 years before, with… No. More than that. What am I talking about? 25 years before, with Mickey Knox. So yeah, I didn’t do that work in this.”

Harrelson also revealed that taking on heavy research for roles has worn him down in the past.

The ‘No Country for Old Men’ actor said: “Frankly, that’s a rabbit hole you do not want to go down. It fills you with such a dread, and it’s terrible. But the commonality is that these are characters who were damaged in childhood, and then they take it out on their adulthood, so that’s at least a commonality between the characters.”

He is currently filming The White House Plumbers and The Man from Toronto, Triangle of Sadness are now set for 2022 releases.

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